Lifetime You is a promotional song with the same name MV ONER, which shows the youths heroism.

 Lifetime You is a promotional song with the same name MV ONER, which shows the youths heroism.

Old song and new song harvest praise brand-new MV outlines youth story

The classic folk song Have You in Your Life sung by Shuimu Nianhua has run through the youth memories of a generation. The director invited ONER, a new generation of idol group, to sing the same name promotional song for the film. Once on the line, it became popular on all major music platforms, and was praised by fans for its outstanding timbre and strong emotions. The classic old songs are interpreted differently with a youthful flavor.

In MV, ONER combines three membersvigorous voice and movie plot perfectly, outlining a sentimental love story of youth. Ouyang, the heroine played by Xie Binbin, and Fang Yao, the heroine played by Xu Jiao, bicycled in the shade, or looked at each other sweetly in the sunny playground. The sweet atmosphere between the two people made people start talking. As soon as the picture turns, ONER membersrecording tidbits appear, the three people shake their figures with the rhythm from time to time, and the kiss at the end of the MV makes the fans and girls burst into hearts, shouting hit the heart, must go to the cinema to support you in life!

Lu Gengxus Work of Respecting Youth Always Has Someone 18 Years Old and Young

The movie You in Your Life is adapted from the classical song of the same name. It tells a love story of Fang Yao, a male student of Architecture Department of Shuimu University and a female student of European and Foreign Languages Department. It is worth mentioning that the creative inspiration of the film Lifetime You originated from the director Lu Gengxus true story. It took four years for director Lu Gengxu to present the unfortunate, missed and helpless memories to the audience and pay tribute to his youth.

It is learnt that the film Life You has been officially launched on November 1, 2019.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)