A game, a dream A share, the birth of the first film delisting stock!

 A game, a dream A share, the birth of the first film delisting stock!

After the companys stock is terminated, it will be transferred to the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system for share transfer. * ST Printing said that the company strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions, to do a good job in the delisting period and termination of listing follow-up work.

March 31, 2014, Beijing, Yinji Media Chairman Wu Bing in the film Transcendental Hacker promotional campaign photo source: Visual China

Prior to that, the shares that had been delisted for 20 consecutive trading days were Zhonghong Stock, Eagle Farming and Animal Husbandry and Huaxin International. As a result, * ST Yinji became the fourth listed company with delisted face value. As of September 11, the share price of * ST Printer closed at 0.55 yuan, with a total market value of 973 million yuan, but as the leading film and television stocks of that year, * ST Printer also had a great scene. In 2015, the market value of * ST indji stock reached a peak of more than 40 billion yuan.

As of June 30, the number of shareholders in the * ST Print was 34.5 million, and some of the shareholders in the stock bars had been desperate. Some netizens even said that listed companies are just like making movies, and the story is pure fiction.

Legendary family history, market value has exceeded 40 billion

* The history of ST India is legendary. According to public information, Printing Media was founded in 1992. Before entering the film and television industry, the companys lowest and most powerful business came from advertising. Over the past few years, customers have developed from Jialing Motorcycle to BMW, Audi, Nike, NBA, China Mobile and Minsheng Bank. They have also won many awards at domestic and foreign advertising festivals, including the Summit Award in the United States and the Cannes Gold Award in advertising.

In 2014, Hindi backdoor pig stocks high-gold food was on the market. After the completion of the transaction, the actual controller of the listed company changed to Xiao Wenge, and the main business changed to integrated marketing service. The butcher of pig farming has changed and entered the media field.

After landing in the A-share market, * ST inji has successively invested, produced or released well-known film and television works such as the founding of the peoples Republic of China, the promotion of Du Lala, Iron Man 3, the 12th hour of Changan, the no mans land, and no war in Peiping. It has also become the first company in China to conduct in-depth cooperation with six major Hollywood studios in the whole industry chain.

From 2015 to 2017, net returns to the parent company were 574 million yuan, 731 million yuan and 769 million yuan, respectively. With the halo of the only global high-concept entertainment brand of A-share IP trader, ST Printer once had a market value of more than 40 billion yuan in the first half of 2017, leaping over Huayi Brothers and Light Media. Xiao Wenge, its actual controller, also won the title of the richest man in Sichuan Stock Market.

Failure of bankruptcy reconciliation leads to denomination delisting at the end of five years

However, from 2018, the main business of * ST Printing and Discipline Media began to decline. According to the results, the net profit of the company attributed to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2018 was - 2.06 billion yuan. For the reason of the huge loss, the Indian media said that it was because of the decline in income and the large amount of asset impairment losses. By 2019, * ST Printing Company realized business income of 59.8 million yuan and net profit of 92.0046 million yuan in the first half of the year. Xiao Wenge has also been listed as the executed person of dishonesty by many courts.

In April this year, the Indian Media Office Photo Source: Every reporter Bi Yuanyuan photographed

According to the semi annual report, during this period, the companys production and operation activities stagnated, its debts defaulted and its bank accounts were frozen. In terms of foreign investment, the company has suspended the unstable business of repayment cycle such as film and television business and IP derivative business, and has not added new investment in film and television business and IP derivative business in the near future. In daily operation, on the basis of collecting accounts receivable, the companys primary objective is to cash in the sales of previous inventory dramas, and at the same time to carry out advertising business with relatively stable repayment cycle.

* ST Printer admitted in its semi-annual report that the company had not yet got out of trouble in the first half of the year and its business development was slow. The company has taken and will continue to take some measures to alleviate the companys predicament in view of the stagnation of production and operation activities, default of debt and freezing of bank accounts.

In addition, since April 2016, five directors of Indian Discipline Media have resigned, including the Financial Controller, the Secretary of the Board of Directors and three independent directors. Wu Bing, chairman of the board of directors, serves as general manager, financial director and Secretary of the board of directors. According to a letter of inquiry at the end of last year, Wu Bing said that he could not return to China for an interview with the regulatory authorities because of his illness.

However, on September 9 this year, Wu Bing accepted every interview with reporters, saying that he was seeking bankruptcy settlement for the company. Ive never given up. I havent run. Well stick to it until the last minute.

One day after the release of the manuscript, the management department of small and medium-sized board companies issued a letter of concern on * ST printing discipline: requesting * ST printing discipline and related parties to verify and make written explanations on related matters, including Wu Bings denial of running away and saying that they all attended talks with Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and led the team to carry out business: (1) attended talks with Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The time, place, way and specific content of the conversation; (2) Departure time and reasons, combined with the specific ways of recent performance and the specific measures taken to promote business development and improve the companys plight, etc., to explain whether they have been diligent and diligent.

The above questions have not been answered. On September 12, the * ST Printing Company began to suspend its trading and eventually went to the fate of denomination delisting.

Source: Daily Economic News Editor: Wang Xiaowu NF