Gu Tianle Xuan Xuan appeared in Beijing with the new film Crime Scene in the same frame.

 Gu Tianle Xuan Xuan appeared in Beijing with the new film Crime Scene in the same frame.

On Oct. 8, Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan visited major companies successively to deliver the first wave of benefits after the festival to the reworked workers. Ancient Tianle and Xuan Xuans identical frame appeared, which made everyone exclaim: See you forever! ___________ In the face of enthusiastic fans, Gutianle shows its essence of being a darling, a fan and a warm man vividly, and constantly pulls around employees to take photos. And the fans who watched the live broadcasts all said so far, awsl!

Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan are instructed by fans to take photos and perform memory killing

For the first time, I experienced sweeping the building of ancient Tianyue and Xuan Xuan, both of whom were in high spirits. Every appearance aroused the crazy screams of employees. Faced with enthusiastic fans, Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan together distribute around the film as well as milk tea and desserts, bringing the best welfare after the festival. Faced with the couple on the screen, the staff also found out the classic pictures of Pet Love in that year. They hoped that the couple would return to their original shape. The quick-acting guys immediately drew two employees and said, You can put it on. And on the other side, he snickered, and his lovely Boss showed his true colors.

In addition to publishing the online news of the movie Scene of Crime, Gu Xuan and his wife also experienced the work of a programmer. Faced with the staff who were earnestly giving lectures, Gu Xuan and his wife devoted themselves to designing and shooting a special video in person. Subsequently, the staff members said that they had just finished their marriage, and they gave the two guxuan people happy candy for many years, which caused quite a stir for a time. In addition, the incarnation of HR Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan also dialed the phone of the graduates who passed the school enrollment and sent Offer in person. This unique Office is enough to impress this employee.

In the following activities, Gutianle, who couldnt bear to be too tired, took over the mobile phones of the employees on site and started the self filming mode, and then signed for them constantly. The employees who got this exclusive welfare couldnt hide their excitement and said its good to come to work today. In the face of interview, Gu Tianle sometimes joked with the host, but when the host asked about the most impressive part of the movie crime scene, Gu Xuan and Gu Xuan almost said at the same time, it was the scene that Xuan Xuan (I) was beaten. You dont know how hard he tried, Xuan Xuan quipped. In an interview with an entertainment platform, Gu Xuan and his wife have not forgotten mutual praise, Xuan Xuan said, As long as Gu Zi looks for my film, I will shoot it. Faced with the exciting employees, Gu Tianle also acted as a security guard for Xuan Xuan, pretending to be fierce and experiencing the clearance work, which caused the audience to laugh.

The film Crime Scene tells about Wang Xinyuan (Gutianle Jewelry), the head of a fierce criminal gang, and his colleagues who caused many casualties in a jewelry store robbery. Two months later, his fellow party was murdered by cutting his throat and died in the house. The police ranked Wang Xinyuan as the number one suspect on the grounds of uneven distribution of stolen goods and falling into internal strife. With the in-depth investigation of Lin Faliang (Zhang Jicong), a small police officer, it is not easy to find out the truth of the case.

The crime scene, a vigorous work by criminal police and bandits, will be released nationwide on October 12.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020