Questioned and Wife Brushing Weibo Li Guoqing at Home: Already Separated

 Questioned and Wife Brushing Weibo Li Guoqing at Home: Already Separated

Li Guoqing was kicked out by his wife Yu Yu. He counted the three steps of expulsion: stock right change, Deputy deputy deputy, and forced court letter. Now, looking back with a smile on those days when Li Guoqing was in the clouds, he called himself the whole silly sweet, I also signed the agreement that sold me.

The differences and discord between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu have long been nothing new. Its a puzzling thing to argue in public several times by name and keep the marriage going.

Recently, when founder Li Guoqing suddenly lost control of his mood in an interview and wrestled his glass in anger, he scared the host to the skin. In the interview, Li Guoqing recalled being forced to throw a cup in anger by his wife because his wife, Yu Yu Yu, co-founder of Dangdang Network, kicked out the Dangdang Network he had created. Li Guoqing felt puzzled, frustrated, angry and wronged. He said he would never forgive Yu Yu in his life.

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Li Guoqing recalls being forced to throw a glass in anger by his wife: of course, she cant be forgiven (Source: Netease Science and Technology Report)

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