Suning e-commerces second wave of Feitian Moutai opening and grabbing 12 hours, over 70000 person time appointments

 Suning e-commerces second wave of Feitian Moutai opening and grabbing 12 hours, over 70000 person time appointments

As the first batch of e-commerce service providers in Maotai, Suning Easy-to-buy launched the first round of pre-sale of 53 degrees 500 ml Feitian Maotai from October 1 to 7 at a price of 1499 yuan. In order to prevent bill-swiping, Suning Easy-to-buy has issued strict purchase restriction rules. Buyers need to be authenticated as Super members or PP sports senior members (annual package) by September 15, 2019. From January 1 to September 29, 2019, Suning Easy-to-buy has a shopping record on Suning Easy-to-buy line (the goods have been received and not returned), with a single consumption amount of more than 76 yuan. The same user who participated in the activity was limited to 2 bottles per order and 2 bottles per month.

As of 18:00 on October 7, the first round of reservations had ended, and 366,700 people had made reservations for 53 degrees 500 ml Feitian Maotai liquor. However, successful booking consumers also have to compete in the final race for payment. For the first round of snap-up of the specific turnover and the number of members, Suning Easy to Buy said it was not convenient to disclose.

Reporters of the Beijing News noted that Suning Easy to buy 53 degrees 500 ml Feitian Maotai Liquor has more than 3800 comments under the merchandise page, commentators mostly snapped up successful consumers between October 8 and 11. Some consumers said that rare Maotai liquor, keep the New Years drink, snapped up two bottles of happy, hope more activities in the future, and others said that the opportunity will continue to start.

Photo screenshot of Suning by Guo Tie, reporter of Beijing News

Maotai Wine Price Return: 1499 Yuan Maotai E-commerce Platforms Success Rate is too Low

On October 10, the reporter learned from various channels that the market price of 53-degree Feitian Maotai (500ml) had experienced a low point during the National Day period, and then rebounded after the National Day. The national multi-land batch price (the price of a single bottle when the whole box was purchased) was around 2300 yuan, and the lower price period was 2100 yuan to 2150 yuan, up 150 yuan to 200 yuan.

According to the analysis of several industry insiders, the price rise is still affected by factors such as the reduction of direct stores, merchantsoversupply and the difficulty of getting access to e-commerce channels after the National Day.

Stir-fried customers are losing 3 million yuan! Maotai National Day Volume Delivery

Recently, the price of Maotai liquor has fallen a lot. In this month, I lost about 3 million yuan. As one of the many speculators of Maotai liquor, on October 7, Lao Wu reluctantly opened his mouth to the First Financial and Economic Journalist to mention his inner scar. The reason for his loss is related to a series of sniping measures recently issued intensively by the manufacturer Maotai (600519. SH).