Early comments: Shanghai index slightly opened up 0.24percent higher, led by shipping sector

 Early comments: Shanghai index slightly opened up 0.24percent higher, led by shipping sector

Shanxi Securities: yesterday in the context of liquidity replenishment, the two cities ushered in the general market. As the companies predicted by the three-quarter report mainly focus on the technology sector, the technology sector is warming up again under the dual advantage. In addition, the aquaculture sector also has good performance. Looking forward to the future market, besides emphasizing performance, it also reminds investors to pay attention to the safety margin of individual stocks. It is a good investment strategy in the current market to select outstanding shares with safety margin. From the current market view, although the stock is rising, but the leading stock is still expected to be the performance of the stock, on the contrary, the property of the plate has weakened. Stocks with lower valuation and better performance certainty deserve attention.

Central Plains Securities: Although the stock index of the two cities operated smoothly on Thursday, there were endless hot spots in the market, and the profit-making effect began to appear. As the future market will still face many factors such as Sino-US trade negotiations, macro data release and the publication of listed companiesthree-quarter reports, it is suggested that investors continue to be cautious and optimistic. It is expected that the short-term volatility of Shanghai Index will continue to rise, and the growth enterprise market will continue to rise in the short-term. It is suggested that investors pay close attention to the investment opportunities of software technology, 5G communications and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors in the short term, and that midline investors continue to pay attention to the investment opportunities of some blue chips with low valuation performance.

Southwest Securities: Science and technology industry is the main increment of Chinas economy in the future, and science and technology leader has long-term layout value. Like the pharmaceutical industry, the technology industry has great potential in the future. Chinas demographic dividend is gradually ending, and the policy of no speculation in housing also determines the limited space of the traditional economy. The driving force of the economy has begun to change, and medicine and science and technology have blossomed in two branches: the former is benefiting from the aggravation of aging and the requirement of higher quality of life of residents, and the market space has gradually opened up; the latter, as the core of the future economic growth, will continue to exert its power. Semiconductor, autonomous controllable, information security, cloud and other sub-plates have broad space and great potential.

Shenguang Finance and Economics: In the field of big consumption, finance, science and technology, the half-year report of listed companies has been speculated before the growth. The stock price that the three-quarter report predicted the growth in advance has been positively correlated in the past two months. The companies that disclosed the increase of profit forecast or even the increase since October have been more popular in the secondary market. Some stocks have been deeply adjusted in the early stage, along with the fundamentals. With the release of good performance information, the stock price has risen and even reached a new high. These phenomena again show that since 2019, investors have made great efforts to allocate the core assets represented by science and technology, which has formed a strong trend, allowing short-term profit-taking, more and more financiers to kill, and also does not affect the main line of the financial conglomeration. Our previous point of view also clearly points out that although the A-share index is not warm in 2019, the bull market of core assets is vigorous. As the leader of the last periods rising market, the attitude of the core asset strong will continue.