Afternoon review: Shanghai Stock Index bottomed out and rose 0.44percent. Digital currency rose strongly

 Afternoon review: Shanghai Stock Index bottomed out and rose 0.44percent. Digital currency rose strongly

Peripheral situation: the three major U.S. stock indexes closed higher, while the Dow rose more than 150 points. As of the close, the Dow rose 0.57% to 26496.67; the S&P 500 rose 0.64% to 2938.13; and the Nasdaq rose 0.6% to 7950.78. Most of the big technology stocks closed up, with Apples share price hitting a new high, closing up 1.35%. Nais jumped by more than 4%. Both Nvida and Maxim rose by more than 1%. Zhongquan shares rose and fell unevenly, Baidu rose nearly 4%, Mushroom Street rose more than 3%, Yulai Automobile fell more than 7%.

News: 1. A new round of high-level economic and trade consultation between China and the United States opened in Washington. 2. Shenzhen Capital Market Reform has begun, and the organizational structure of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Audit Center has been basically completed. 3. Han is investigating and holding an on-site office meeting on planning and construction in Xiongan New Area of Hebei Province. He emphasizes that social capital should be encouraged to participate more in the construction of market-oriented projects in the new area. 4. Soviet Jiao Ke Morning Announcement: The design of Wuxi collapsed viaduct has nothing to do with the company. 5. Sci tech Innovation Board will be included in MSCI index from next month. The head of Asia Research Department of MSCI said that there is no proportion limit for the shares included in sci tech innovation board. 6. Sanda Membrane, Pumen Science and Technology and LianRui New Materials have been approved for listing on the Sci-Tech Board. 7. Lifan and Zhongtai automobile clarify the bankruptcy report and deny entering the bankruptcy procedure.

Shenguang Finance and Economics said that this morning, the Shanghai Index bottomed out, the stock market opened up slightly in the morning, then all the way down the shock. Near noon, the three major indexes turned red collectively, the digital currency rose strongly, led by two markets, Julong shares and other five shares. The cement sector has a strong trend, leading the rise, the peak cement led the rise, the bank. The plate rose by more than 1.2%, led by the Qingnong Commercial Bank, the port shipping sector showed a stronger performance, the merchant ship continued to increase and stop in volume, the concept of natural gas rose at the top, while the titanium dioxide, agriculture and defense industry sectors showed a weaker performance and collective decline. At present, the general environment of the stock market is not good, it is difficult to have a big market, so we try to choose high-quality stock band operation as the main, must not blindly catch up with the high, the current stock market callback is also basically bottoming, can be appropriately increased warehouse.

Jufeng Gu believes that the rebound of A shares opened in August is adjusting in the form of two retreats and one retreat, and the adjustment has come to an end recently. After the National Day, A shares rebounded, and the performance of science and technology, finance and the three-quarter forecast of additional shares was impressive. Stock markets in Europe and the United States rose sharply on Thursday, facilitating the expansion of the rebound space for A shares. Trading volume is still a concern in the market. On Friday, A shares opened high and went low, confirming the rebound for three consecutive days. Technology stocks pulled back slightly, while bank stocks pulled up against the market. Near noon, stimulated by a 2% surge in Hong Kong stocks, the stock index rebounded. After the National Day, the differentiation of science and technology stocks is obvious. Investors should pay attention to risk. It is suggested that investors should pay attention to the plate-driven opportunities driven by performance stocks and favorable policies.