Flight delays caused by fights between pilots and ex-girlfriend Corridor Bridge

 Flight delays caused by fights between pilots and ex-girlfriend Corridor Bridge

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Pilots and ex-girlfriends were fired for delays in fighting flights at Corridor Bridge (Source: ~)

Republican Airlines pilot and his ex-girlfriend and colleague were fired and charged for delays on a flight at Denver International Airport in Colorado on September 14, the Daily Mail reported.

As can be seen from the monitoring picture of the corridor bridge, the former girlfriend was walking towards the pilot. The pilot turned around and approached her angrily. He was suspected of spitting at her, but he was immediately slapped back by his former girlfriend.

The pilot instantly got angry, grabbed her ex-girlfriend, punched her in the stomach and punched her in the face.

The flight was eventually delayed to the next day due to emotional disputes between the two sides. Republic Airlines later said it had dismissed the two employees and sued them.

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