Li Guoqings Trilogy of Expulsion by His Wife: She was twice soft-hearted and did not kick her

 Li Guoqings Trilogy of Expulsion by His Wife: She was twice soft-hearted and did not kick her

Li Guoqing recalled being forced to drink by his wife in anger: she could not be forgiven

In Shandong Satellite TVs Job Seekers program, which will be aired on Sunday, when the founder Today, Li Guoqing said that when the board of directors twice decided to kick Yu Yu out, but he was soft-hearted.

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In Li Guoqings interview, he wrestled with water cup: Yu Yu tried to force me to leave (Source: Netease Video)

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Li Guoqings departure from Dangdang: This incident was the trigger of the handover before the Spring Festival.

On the morning of February 20, Dangdang founder Li Guoqing officially announced his departure from Dangdang and announced that he would start a new business. In an interview with cover journalists, Li Guoqing frankly said that he and Yu had experienced the ups and downs of Chinas e-commerce development along the way of husband and wife shop, which had both glory and suffering. As the co-founder and CEO of Dangdang, today I am announcing with excitement that I will leave Dangdang and start my new journey. Li said.

Li Guoqings Talk about Liu Qiangdongs Case: If its an occasional affair, you dont need to apologize.

When talking about Liu Qiangdongs case, Li Guoqing said that if it was an occasional affair, I dont think he was a politician, so I dont need to apologize.

Speaking about Liu Qiangdong, Li Guoqing said that he and Liu Qiangdong had the feeling that heroes cherish heroes. In the department store competition is still losing money, I would like to worship the wind, and Liu Qiangdong can call the wind and rain, want money and money, to lay todays world, that I admire.