Whos right about crying passengers and mothers on baby planes?

 Whos right about crying passengers and mothers on baby planes?

According to Peoples Network, on the evening of October 7, a plane flying from Kuala Lumpur to Wuhan had been crying for a baby. Several young people said a few words about the babys mother and then quarreled with each other. When the mother was angry, she said harshly, Dont have children after you have the ability. The mother of the child said that the young mans take care of your child made her very angry.

For a while, the incident triggered a heated discussion among netizens. So who is more reasonable? Nandu NDX Laboratory launched Babies crying passengers let their mothersbabies babiesbabies babiesbabies babiesbabies babiesbabies babiesbabies babiesbabies babiesbabies Ba The station team voted. As of October 11, polling data showed that more than 4,000 netizens participated in the poll, indicating that 49% of station passengers and 51% of station mothers respectively.

98% of netizens used to cry when they took public transport.

In fact, it is very common to encounter children crying while traveling on public transport. According to the survey results, 98% of the respondents said that they had encountered children crying while riding public transport. Faced with such a situation, although a few people will choose to help coax their children or find their parents to solve, more than 70% of the respondents still choose to understand and endure.

Netizen sky blue every day said that he was afraid to take high-speed rail, plane, etc. on holidays, because the probability of meeting a child is too high, either crying or quarreling, seven or eight hours of journey are not safe, which makes people very collapse.

Netizens Nana also said that when riding on the high-speed railway, they met children running around in the carriage, taking other peoples things like their own, and they always stared at you while eating, then deliberately shouted alongside you.

Netizens live in think that although they can understand, but encounter this situation is really annoying, when riding the vehicle, very annoying children crying, because it really needs to argue for a long time, head aches.

More than 60% said they would apologize if their children affected others.

In this incident, the affected passengers let the babys mother take care of the baby. The mother of the child said she had been coaxing, but it had no effect.

In the survey, more than 80% of the respondents said that if their childrens crying affected other passengers, they would calm their childrens mood, and more than 6 said they would apologize to the affected passengers. 20.3% of the netizens said that they would also strictly discipline their children. This also shows that most parents will not ignore their childrens crying.

Netizen jxing said that every time he took his daughter by means of transportation, he would be very anxious, just afraid that she would cry.

Netizens old times? also said that sometimes in public, children cry and disturb others, they will feel very embarrassed, but they do not want their children to cry.

Netizens Paris Holiday said that as a past person, he knew that parents of infants and young children would like their children to stop crying more than others.

73.4% of netizens thought they needed more empathy.

Although many netizens are emphasizing that the crying protagonist is a baby, not a bear child, there is still a heated debate between standing passenger and standing mother.

The passenger station Group believes that although the baby is innocent, but the mothers attitude is not good, should be apologetic.

The station mother Group believes that the affected passengers may be due to lack of parenthood, patience and empathy.

Zhang Yueyue, a netizen, is obviously a group of passengers on the bus. He said, Babies cry uncontrollably, babies are right, mothers are right. But its her fault that affects the attitude of others to return it.

Netizens Mai Wanduo? also believe that it is the responsibility of parents to affect other passengers. Whether they have pains or not, parents should apologize.

The netizen Lin Shouhong thinks that the passengers lack empathy. The infant is too small and somewhat empathetic, even if the discontent is disturbed, he can understand it.

The survey also showed that 73.4% of the netizens believed that they needed more empathy with each other through the incident. As parents, children who are too young can consider taking out less. As a passenger, even if the impact is intolerable, the words of reminder can be more euphemistic.

Take children, especially babies, as little as possible to go out, or direct taxi, so as to reduce the interference to others, but also to reduce childrens outside inadaptability. If you have a treasure mother, you can understand others and hope you can understand them.

Some netizens are more objective when they look at it. Netizens think that there are different reasons, but this is only a baby, so they will choose to be tolerant. If the older children are making trouble, they may go and say it.

Netizens Lanlan said that babies are different from bear children. Babies crying is not just a fight, sometimes parents can not control it. The mother on the plane should have collapsed too, and was blamed by several young people. We dont know exactly how to blame, whether its embarrassing or not, so we cant comment on Moms answer.

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