Wuxi Viaduct Accident Caused by Overload? Designer or Intermediate Share

 Wuxi Viaduct Accident Caused by Overload? Designer or Intermediate Share

Wuxi Viaduct Collapse Intermediate Share: Who do not want to focus on guiding the design

According to Xinhua News Agency, 3 people were killed and 2 injured in a rollover accident of Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu Province on October 10.

At about 18:10 on October 10, a bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 National Highway 312 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province and on Xigang Road. According to Xinhua News Agency reporter at the accident rescue headquarters, after on-site search and rescue confirmation, a total of three cars under the bridge were pressed, one of which was parked (no one, the driver has been found), and the other two cars had a total of three people, dead. There are five vehicles on the rollover bridge deck, including three cars and two trucks. The accident resulted in three deaths and two injuries.

After the accident, Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City launched an emergency response mechanism to fully carry out the rescue and disposal of the accident. The disposal is still under way.

According to the information released by the Accident Rescue Command, experts from the Ministry of Transport have rushed to the scene to guide the accident investigation, and an accident investigation team has been set up in Wuxi. After preliminary analysis, the overturning of the overpass bridge is caused by the overloading of the transport vehicle.

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The collapse of Wuxi viaduct or the overload of trucks have resulted in the reversion of two medical cartoons.

Xinhua News Agency Pictures

Whats wrong with overloading?

According to the client of Peoples Daily, on-site video shows that two large red trucks tilted after landing on the side-turning bridge deck. Many rolls of steel plates pulled on the former truck were scattered on the ground, and some vehicles had been crushed to deformation by the collapsed bridge.

Online photos show that the truck carries a number of rolled coils labeled Rizhao Iron and Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. with a single weight of 28.5 tons.

Serious overload. For this incident, an expert of Bridge Design Institute told the International Finance Daily, According to theDesign Load Standard for Urban Bridges, the state divides the bridge load into city-A and city-B levels, and the accident is city-A level. In particular, wheeled vehicles, compared with tracked vehicles, bring greater pressure to the bridge deck, which is more likely to cause collapse.

Moreover, single piers are used for the rollover bridges. The above experts said that the single pier only supports the middle of the bridge, and the left and right sides of the bridge deck support is actually less, once overweight, it is more dangerous. It also pointed out that the design of this kind of bridge has been older, and it is rarely used in new bridges.

In fact, as early as two years before the accident, netizens and self-Media on the Internet have pointed out that there are a large number of overloaded vehicles driving illegally in Wuxi rapid inner ring viaduct, which has caused great pressure on the inner ring viaduct with a design life of 50 years. Overload operation will not only shorten the service life of bridges, but also may lead to bridge breakage and collapse.

A similar situation happened in Suzhou, which is close to Wuxi. In July 2018, some local netizens in Suzhou complained in the local forum that there were super-long and overweight vehicles running on the elevated section of 312 National Highway every day, and there were no restrictions on vehicles in this section (warning signs were basically set up). Not only has it brought serious noise pollution to local residents, but also it is more likely to cause the collapse of elevated roads.

It is worth mentioning that domestic tragedies caused by overweight trucks have occurred many times. On August 24, 2012, the collapse accident of Qunli Viaduct on the Third Ring Road in Harbin directly resulted in 3 deaths and 5 injuries. The direct cause of the accident was the serious overloading of vehicles.

Further ahead, on July 14, 2011, the northern end of the 12-year-old Wuyishan Mansion Bridge collapsed. The direct cause of the accident was the sudden collapse of the bridge deck caused by heavy overload of trucks. The tourist bus crashed into the 8.8-meter river beach under the bridge, causing one death and 22 injuries.

Designer or China Design Corporation

In addition to vehicle overload, the market will also question the voice of the design behind the collapse of the viaduct, but also the Oolong.

Later that night, it was reported that the project was designed by Jiangsu Academy of Communications Sciences Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sujiao Branch), but Sujiao Branch responded that the relevant reports were not true and a clarification announcement would be issued in the morning.

According to the report, the 312 National Road Wuxi Section that our company undertakes the overall design is shown in Road A below, while the 312 National Road Wuxi Section which actually happened in the accident is shown in Road B below. The design of the accident bridge has nothing to do with our company.

In addition, the reporter consulted the official website of Zhongshi Shares and found that 312 National Highway (Wuxi Section) reconstruction project also appeared as a typical project of the company.

Wuxi section of 312 National Highway was one of the proud projects of Zhongshi Share. The reporter of International Finance Daily found that Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway, as the companys landmark project, appeared in its prospectus many times. Among them, the new construction of North Ring Road (S342, G312) in Wuxi has won the National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award and the Second Prize of Municipal Public Works. According to the accident section disclosed by the Soviet Jiaotong Branch bulletin, the North Ring Road is in the list.

_According to the accident section disclosed by the Soviet Jiaotong Branch announcement, the landmark project of the central shares, North Ring Road, is listed. The picture comes from Baidu Map.

According to the public information, Zhongshi shares are mainly engaged in planning, design, consulting, survey, supervision, project management and other design consulting business around the transportation, municipal, construction, environment industries. Apply for IPO at the end of 2015, and finally successfully landed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2017.

Since listing, the performance of neutral shares has been steadily rising, but the growth trend continues to slow down. In 2017, 2018 and the first half of 2019, Zhongshi Shares realized total operating income of 232 million yuan, 270 million yuan and 151 million yuan respectively, up 21.18%, 16.47% and 12.29% respectively over the same period, while net returns to home were 49.09 million yuan, 56.83 million yuan and 29.91 million yuan, up 21.16%, 15.78% and 14.18% respectively over the same period.

It is worth noting that Wuxi, as the base of CSCEC, has always been an important source of revenue for CSCEC.

Earlier this morning, reporters dialed the contact telephone of Zhongshi Share Disclosure in an attempt to further verify with the other party, but the phone was quickly hung up after it was connected. Up to now, Neutral Shares has not responded to this matter.

According to the Eastern Wealth Network, in the morning of the 11th collective bidding stage, the neutral shares (002883) almost stopped at one time, then rebounded, opening at a slightly lower price of 19.67 yuan.

After the opening of the market, the share price of Intermediate Shares fell again. Until the press release, the share price was 19.27 yuan, a decline of 3.7%.

In addition to SUJIAOKE, the Intermediate Group (full name Intermediate Design Group Co., Ltd., 603018), which is very similar to the Intermediate Share, also lie gun. For this reason, the Intermediate Group issued a Clarification Announcement in the morning.