Ministry of Transportation: Vehicle overload is about 50percent and road life will be shortened by about 80percent.

 Ministry of Transportation: Vehicle overload is about 50percent and road life will be shortened by about 80percent.

The overturning accident of Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu Province occurred on the evening of October 10. The preliminary analysis was caused by overloading. Local authorities have issued an urgent notice to strengthen the investigation and punishment of overload.

On August 19, this year, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport, the Public Security Department and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Governance of Over-long Illegal Transport Behavior of Vehicle Transport Vehicles. According to the notice, the vehicle operation license will be revoked if the vehicle is illegally transported more than three times in the next year. The circular stipulates that supervision over the source of centralized loading points, logistics stations and production areas of passenger car manufacturers will be strengthened, and that vehicle transporters that do not meet the loading requirements shall be strictly prohibited from leaving the factory and going on the road.

Since the 1980s, China began to control over-limit and over-load. Many regulations have been promulgated, ranging from the autonomy of relevant ministries to the joint action of multiple ministries.

Wu Dejin, Director of Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, introduced in his interpretation of Opinions on Further Improving the Control of Illegal Refitting and Overloading of Freight Vehicles, Illegal Overloading is called the first killer of highways. According to statistics, up to 2016, more than 80% of road traffic accidents in heavy cargo lanes were caused by overloading.

Illegal overloading not only seriously damages highway and bridge facilities, easily leads to road traffic accidents, endangers the safety of peoples lives and property, but also seriously disrupts the order of transportation market, resulting in abnormal development of Chinas automobile industry.

Over-limited and overloaded vehicles are in the state of long-term overload operation. The safety performance of vehicle braking and operation is relatively low. They are prone to tire burst, braking failure, leaf spring breakage, half-axle breakage and other dangers, which bring serious hidden dangers to traffic safety. According to statistics, up to 2016, more than 80% of road traffic accidents in heavy cargo lanes were caused by overloading.

Overloading vehicles will also greatly shorten the service life of highways. The load of overloaded vehicles is generally far beyond the design load of highways and bridges. Frequent driving of highways results in pavement damage and bridge breakage, greatly shortening the normal service life of highways and leading to early overhaul.

It is estimated that if the vehicles running on the highway exceed the limit and overload by about 50%, the normal service life of the highway will be shortened by about 80%. Taking the design and service life of general grade asphalt pavement for example from 12 to 15 years, the actual service life is only 2 to 2.5 years, which has caused huge losses to national property.

In addition, Chinas freight market opened earlier, because the macro-control is not perfect, resulting in imbalance between supply and demand, more cars and less goods. Overcapacity congestion in the Limited freight market space, resulting in lower freight rates, and the decline in freight prices stimulated vehicle overload. To make up for the loss by overloading, a vicious circle is formed, in which the lower the freight rate is, the lower the freight rate is, and the overload is. Even in a certain period of time, because of the low price of highway transportation, the goods originally transported by railway or waterway are also transported by highway, which intensifies internal competition and disrupts the order of transportation market.

According to the Ministry of transport, overload control is a very difficult battle. The deep-seated causes of overload have not been completely eliminated, especially the Illegal Refitting of trucks and illegal loading at the source of freight are still relatively serious, which brings huge pressure to the road law enforcement. It is impossible to control the source of illegal overloading by law enforcement only on the road surface. Moreover, there are still some weak links in pavement law enforcement in some areas, such as imperfect pavement monitoring network, imperfect joint mechanism of road police, single law enforcement means and so on, which to some extent affect the effectiveness of governance.

According to the requirement of Notice on Further Strengthening the Control of Over-long Illegal Transport Behavior of Vehicle Transport Vehicles, the three departments have decided to implement joint punishment of credit, bringing into serious illegal and over-loaded transport trucks, drivers, vehicle logistics enterprises and enterprises instructing and forcing drivers of vehicle transport vehicles to transport passenger vehicles illegally into serious illegal and over-loaded transport trustworthiness. List of parties.

In 2017, according to the Memorandum of Cooperation on Joint Punishment for the Responsible Subjects of Serious Illegal and Overloaded Transport Vehicles, signed jointly by the State Development and Reform Commission, the Peoples Bank of China and the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport published on its official website a list of the parties involved in serious illegal and over-loaded transport every year. Vehicle drivers, trucks and transport enterprises blacklisted will face the following serious consequences:

1. During the period of joint punishment, the preferential policy of green passage free of vehicle toll shall not be enjoyed.

2. Pass toll stations and overload control stations, and become the key inspection objects of road traffic police. If overload occurs again, it is forbidden to go on high speed or bridge.

3. Restricting on-road operation is confronted with travel restrictions, restrictions on large-scale transport licensing and restrictions on application for business qualification of cargo transport.

4. Restricting loans;

5. You can withdraw from the blacklist after 2 years.

2. Freight vehicle drivers violate the law more than three times in one year;

3. The number of illegal and out of gauge freight vehicles of road transport enterprises exceeds 10% of the total number of freight vehicles of their own units within one year, and they are ordered to stop business for rectification by the road transport administration;

4. If a motor vehicle maintenance operator remodels a motor vehicle without authorization and the circumstances are serious, the operation license shall be revoked;

5. If a driver of a vehicle is instructed or ordered to transport goods beyond the limit, he or she shall be fined at least 20,000 yuan by the road transport administration agency, or he or she shall be given three or more administrative penalties within one year;

6. Concealing relevant information or providing false materials to apply for administrative license for over-limited transportation, or obtaining administrative license by deception, bribery or other improper means;

7. The driver of the overloaded transport vehicle, the source unit and the large transport enterprise refuse the supervision and inspection of the relevant departments or provide false information without justified reasons;

8. Those who are given administrative penalties by public security organs according to law for blocking traffic, forcibly punching cards, violently resisting the law and destroying relevant facilities and equipment;

9. Those who are responsible for major accidents due to violation of the law and overloading and bear the same responsibilities or more;

10. Violent resistance to the law causes death or injury.

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