South Koreans accused of abandoning their allies after the U.S. withdrawal from Syria also panicked.

 South Koreans accused of abandoning their allies after the U.S. withdrawal from Syria also panicked.

Trump (left) and Wen Zaiyin (source: Reuters)

Overseas Network, Oct. 11 - Turkey launched a military operation code-named Fountain of Peace to northern Syria, which attracted worldwide attention. The Kurdish armed forces are regarded as the allies of the United States in Syria, and the decision of the United States to withdraw its troops from Syria suddenly is said to give green light to Turkeys military action, which also causes other American allies to question the relations with the United States.

The Yonhap news agency reported on October 11 that the U.S. approach raised a typical question of whether it would be a harbinger of Washingtons future dealings with other key allies, such as South Korea. Critics say that the withdrawal of the US military reminds people once again that the US is mainly based on cost-benefit calculations. The Kurds fought side by side with the U.S. Army to fight extremists, while the withdrawal of U.S. troops gave Turkey a green light for attacking Kurds.

On the evening of September 9, Turkey announced a military operation against the northeast of Syria. (Source: Fox News)

Nam Chang-hee, a professor at Renhe University in South Korea, said, It is well known that Trumps alliance istransactional, which is different from the traditional assessment of the value of the alliance in the United States, which seems to be in line with hisU.S. firstpolicy. Given the unpredictability of Trumps actions, the revelation for South Korea is that alliance relations must be safeguarded more cautiously and carefully.

For the practice of abandoning allies by the United States, not only the South Korean media, but also the Israeli media, an iron ally of the United States, have expressed concern. The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday that the United States has sent a disturbing message to its allies, not to rely on others, but on itself. A senior Kurdish commander also told CBS that he was stabbed in the back.

On 6 October, Trump agreed to withdraw from Syria after talking to Erdogan. Three days later, Turkish President Erdogan announced a military operation against the Kurdish WorkersParty in northeastern Syria. Trump later issued a statement saying, The United States does not approve of this attack, this action is a bad idea. But it is still criticized by both parties in the U.S. Congress.

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