Over-limit and overload overnight in Suzhou: Strengthening the investigation and punishment of 100-ton King vehicles

 Over-limit and overload overnight in Suzhou: Strengthening the investigation and punishment of 100-ton King vehicles

In order to further curb the illegal acts of overload transport and ensure the safety of highway bridges in the jurisdiction, the Office of the Leading Group for Vehicle Overload Control in Suzhou last night issued the Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening the Investigation and Treatment of Overload (hereinafter referred to as Notice).

It is clearly demanded that all over-the-counter stations carry out 24-hour on-duty investigation and punishment, further strengthen the investigation and punishment of 100-ton King vehicles, increase the investigation and punishment of over-run vehicles at general highway toll stations, and further strengthen the management and control of the source of freight transport enterprises.

Notice requires that all over-control stations in the jurisdiction should be regularized and institutionalized in accordance with the requirements of over-limit and over-load control. Public security and transportation departments should strictly implement 24-hour duty, further increase law enforcement efforts to carry out over-limit and over-load investigation and punishment. Local public security departments and transportation departments should rely on toll stations and over-limit detection sites to increase the frequency and intensity of joint law enforcement and adhere to the site. Combining joint law enforcement with mobile joint law enforcement, we will crack down severely on 100-ton King vehicles. Local transport departments should increase the frequency of inspections for high-frequency transport and freight transport enterprises with 100-ton King situation in their jurisdictions.

Local public security departments and traffic departments should further strengthen the investigation and punishment of common road tolls, strictly implement the joint law enforcement by Road police and standardize the law enforcement process. The local public security departments shall further strengthen the investigation and punishment of the behaviors of blocking, blocking and duplicating the license plates of the overloaded vehicles in the ordinary highway toll stations, so as to ensure that the joint law enforcement work of the ordinary highway toll stations is carried out in an orderly manner; the road transport administration law enforcement departments shall further strengthen the supervision of the key freight sources, and actively cooperate with the road administration law enforcement departments to carry out the off-site law enforcement work. Safety law enforcement should be carried out for high-frequency and over-limited freight transport enterprises. To carry out law enforcement work for over-limit freight transport enterprises that meet the one exceeding four penalties standard, it is found that all overloaded vehicles are unloaded.

Just last night at 21:00, the Municipal Transportation Bureau held an emergency meeting to make an emergency deployment for the safety production of transportation in the whole city, formulated the Suzhou Highway and Bridge Safety Hidden Danger Investigation Program, and organized personnel to carry out law enforcement actions overnight to further curb the illegal acts of overload and overload transportation and ensure the safety of highway and Bridge in the jurisdiction area.

Municipal Transportation Bureau requires:

u2605u5404u5730u5404u90e8u95e8u7acbu5373u7ec4u7ec7u4ebau5458u5bf9u6240u6709u6865u6881u8fdbu884cu5168u9762u6392u67e5uff0cu53cau65f6u53d1u73b0u548cu6d88u9664u5404u7c7bu9690u60a3u3002 Bridges with hidden dangers that can not be eliminated immediately should be immediately taken safety measures, closed in time according to the situation, prohibited the passage of vehicles, and coordinated with local governments and relevant departments to do a good job of dredging measures.

u2605u5404u5730u4ea4u901au8fd0u8f93u6267u6cd5u90e8u95e8u7acbu5373u884cu52a8uff0cu4f1au540cu516cu5b89u4ea4u8b66u90e8u95e8u5728u91cdu70b9u8defu53e3u5bf9u8d27u8fd0u8f66u8f86u5f00u5c55u96c6u4e2du68c0u67e5uff0cu4e25u5389u6253u51fbu975eu6cd5u8425u8fd0u3001u8d85u8f7du8d85u9650u3001u75b2u52b3u9a7eu9a76u7b49u8fddu6cd5u884cu4e3au3002 Through joint law enforcement, the joint efforts of supervision will be strengthened, all overloaded vehicles found will be unloaded and dealt with seriously according to law.

_Immediately carry out special inspection and detection of single-pile viaducts such as ordinary highways, national and provincial trunk roads, highways, etc., to


In order to control the source, Suzhou transportation department will carry out source safety inspection for key logistics parks and freight transport enterprises, and strengthen safety education for road transport enterprises and drivers to prevent overloaded freight vehicles from driving on the road.

Last night, members of the leading group of the Municipal Transportation Bureau led the inspection on the situation of overtaking control in key sections, overtaking control at the source of key enterprises, anti-collision work of important bridges, and important and old engineering facilities. Among them, the situation of single-pillar viaduct, bridge anti-collision, dangerous bridge, port and wharf were investigated comprehensively, and the vehicle loads and all weighing devices in the city were tested comprehensively to ensure that they played a role.

Traffic and transportation administration departments keep key enterprises informed and inspected on their doorsteps overnight, urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production, and strengthen the self-checking and self-correcting work of source management.

According to the Suzhou Transportation Department, the next step is to conduct a comprehensive self-examination of the safety situation in the citys transport sector and rectify hidden dangers.

As an important measure of long-term management, the Suzhou Transportation Command Center will continue to conduct 24-hour continuous dynamic supervision of vehicle operation and driving conditions, so as to prevent micro-escalation and ensure safety.

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