Its difficult for college students to take a bath: the booking procedure is tedious! Response of Jiangsu Ocean University

 Its difficult for college students to take a bath: the booking procedure is tedious! Response of Jiangsu Ocean University

Clearly a campus card, but it takes a lot of effort to become aJiangsu Bath Difficult University! Recently, many students of Jiangsu Ocean University sent microblogs to reflect that students need to make an appointment through an App called Perfect Campus before entering the bathroom, which brings many inconveniences. In response, Jiangsu Ocean University said that it is a transitional period for the switching of the old and new campus card systems, and that it will resume the function of swiping the card and bathing in about a week, in parallel with the App reservation system.

According to studentsmicro-blog, due to school bathing system with campus card system upgrade and transformation, at present only through an App called perfect campus to make an appointment for bathing. But the App booking process is so complicated that many students dont know how to operate it.

Some students said that according to the operation steps given by the school authorities, only download the App of Perfect Campus and make an appointment under the Perfect Campus Bath page of App, remember the verification code and input it on the bathroom water control equipment; but in practice, because the data of the old campus card and the virtual card are not identical, it is necessary to download the App of Agricultural Bank of China of the school cooperative bank, right. Reservations can only be made after the virtual card is recharged. Some students also said that because they had to press the confirmation key twice after entering the verification code, many students were stunned and did not know why there was no water out.

Another student thought that the rules of bathing billing were not clear. When the student shared her experience in the class chat group, she said that she had made an appointment for half an hour with a consumption limit of 6 yuan, but after taking a bath, she found that it took only 20 minutes for 6 yuan. It is not clear how the specific time and consumption correspond to each other.

In addition, the surging news noted that many students brought their mobile phones into the bathroom because they had to enter the verification code when they arrived at the bathroom due to the use of mobile phone appointments throughout the process. One student said that this made the students feel insecure in bathing because they were afraid of being photographed.

On October 10, in response to many questions from students, the staff of the Informatization Department of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Ocean University responded to the surging news that the school had explained this. According to the Instructions on Intelligent Campus Construction and Upgrading of Campus Large System of Jiangsu Ocean University (hereinafter referred to as Instructions), issued by the Information Department of the University, the campus card system is being upgraded so that the campus card has the function of virtual card, which can use mobile phones to complete mobile recharge and payment, while retaining the traditional physical card and its functions.

As mentioned in the above instructions, the transition period between the old and new systems will be completely switched to the new campus card system in about a week. At that time, the bathing function of the physical card will be restored, parallel with the App reservation system. During the transition period, mobile phones (virtual cards) are used to obtain authentication codes temporarily to meet the needs of bathing, while virtual cards can be used to buy meals in the canteen.

For the studentsreflection on the problem of entering the bathroom with mobile phones, the school explained that reservation does not mean that there is insufficient bathroom space, but using mobile App to obtain the certification code, students can enter the bathroom without mobile phones as long as they get and remember the water certification code before entering the bathroom. After the upgrade, users can use App to get the bathroom validation code, or they can get real-time information about the busy state of the bathroom running through the system to avoid the crowded time.

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