Network transmission Wuxi viaduct rollover accident caused by resonance? Expert: It doesnt matter.

 Network transmission Wuxi viaduct rollover accident caused by resonance? Expert: It doesnt matter.

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At 6:00 p.m. on October 10, an elevated bridge collapsed on Wuxi 312 National Highway in Jiangsu Province. Vehicles were pressed and rescue workers and vehicles arrived at the scene. Wuxi Emergency Management Bureau said that the cause of the accident and specific casualties are still under investigation.

Interface journalist Yang Shuhongji.

According to a police report from Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, at 6:00 p.m. on October 10, 2019, an overturning accident of viaduct occurred on No. 312 National Highway in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Three cars were crushed, one of which was unattended, and rescue workers and vehicles arrived at the scene. Interface news from Wuxi Emergency Management Bureau learned that the cause of the accident and specific casualties are still under investigation.

According to the client of the peoples daily, the on-site video shows that two large red wagons are tilted after overturning the bridge deck, and the multi coil steel plates pulled from the previous large truck are scattered on the ground, and some vehicles have been compressed to deformation by the collapsed bridge.

When the interfacial journalists arrived at the scene, they found that traffic control had been implemented at the intersections near the involved sections. According to rescue personnel, at present, the scene has gathered more than ten capable rescue teams. Armed police units also arrived at the accident area with heavy machinery.

Rescue workers at the scene revealed that the weight of overturned bridge deck could not be lifted by crane, so the main way of rescue site is still broken bridge deck and local clearance. There is a pair of mother and daughter on a buried yellow vehicle. The buried position is the cab. It is very difficult to dismantle the scene. As of the time of publication, only the engine on the car was dismantled.

The announcement of Wuxi Audit Bureau on the final accounts of the extension project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway published on the website of Wuxi Audit Bureau in 2007 shows that the overall design unit of the extension project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway is Jiangsu Academy of Communications Sciences Limited Company, etc. The main supervision units are Jiangsu Kexing Engineering Construction Supervision Limited Company, and the main construction units are Wuxi Jiaotong Company. Tong Engineering Corporation, ASEAN Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., China Railway 14 Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and other related units. The quality of the project was evaluated as excellent grade by Wuxi Traffic Engineering Quality Supervision Station.

The announcement also states that the extension project of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway started construction in September 2003, opened to traffic in June 2005 and completed acceptance in November 2005. The total length of Wuxi section of 312 National Highway is 48.436 kilometers, of which the old section is 21.356 kilometers and the modified section is 27.08 kilometers. The whole line is designed according to the first-class highway standard, with a design speed of 100 km/h (including 80 km/h in urban section); new bridges and culverts are built with steam super-20 and hang-120; existing bridges are rebuilt with steam-20 and hang-100. The whole line adopts two-way four-lane and six-lane.

According to the micro-blog traffic announcement of China Transport News, the video link between the Ministry of Transport and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport understands that when the accident occurred, a seriously overloaded truck was driving on the bridge, which may be the direct cause of bridge collapse.

From the scene video, the accident of the viaduct is a single-column pier, this bridge structure does exist some problems, in recent years, many bridge collapse accidents have this reason. Liu Zhijun, deputy secretary-general of Jiangsu Institute of Architects and Deputy architect of Jiangsu Institute of Architectural Design Limited, told Interface News, Bridges have only one pier. When overloaded vehicles drive by one side, they may cause bridge collapse.

In view of the current statement that resonance on the Internet causes bridge collapse, Liu Zhijun believes that resonance has nothing to do with it. Liu Zhijun said that generally speaking, for single-pier bridge structures, if the horizontal component of the main girder and heavy-duty vehicles on the support is greater than the shear capacity, the main girder will slide, which may lead to rollover. For example, he said, Its like when a table with only one leg is pressed hard on one side, the table will collapse.

According to the regulations, all bridges will be marked with weight limits, but drivers may ignore them. Liu Zhijun said that in fact, in the design of bridges, the design side will also consider the insurance factor, such as indicating the maximum load-bearing capacity of 40 tons, but the actual capacity may be 80 tons, but if it is seriously overloaded, there will still be safety problems.

A local person who has been engaged in logistics industry told Interface News that 312 National Highway is in chaos. Many trucks in Wuxi are overloaded and often leave at midnight.

Another truck driver working locally in Wuxi also told Interface News that overloaded trucks often appeared on National Highway 312 and the management was not strict.

According to media statistics, in the 12 years since 2000, at least 17 bridge collapses in China have been blamed for overloading and overloading of trucks. On August 24, 2012, the ramp collapsed on Honghu Road, Qunli Viaduct of the Third Ring Road in Harbin, resulting in the collapse of four trucks, resulting in three deaths and five injuries. The direct cause of the bridge collapse was the serious overload of four trucks, which was investigated and evidenced by the expert group.

At 00:00 on October 11, the rescue scene was being cleared. The live broadcast sounded: Retreat 200 meters, blasting is about to take place.

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