Taiwans Double Ten pyrotechnics show has a hundred complaints: the worst in history

 Taiwans Double Ten pyrotechnics show has a hundred complaints: the worst in history

The picture shows the scene of the fireworks show in Pingtung, Taiwan. It was muddy and less than half of the people left at the beginning. (Source: Taiwan Media)

Overseas Network, Oct. 11, 10, is the Double Tenth Festival in Taiwan. On that night, a 42-minute fireworks show was held in the Riverside Park of Pingtung, southern Taiwan. However, less than half of the fireworks were set off, and many people began to leave one after another. Audiences disclosed the situation of the scene on the Internet and angrily criticized the worst fireworks in history.

According to Taiwans Today News report, the fireworks show is divided into six sections, a total of 16,280 firecrackers were fired, the width of the bullet area is about 600 meters, the distance between front and back is about 150 to 200 meters, and the launching height is as high as 450 to 500 meters. In order to watch the fireworks show, many citizens drove to the scene early in the morning, but they were greatly disappointed.

Many audiences posted on the Internet, pointing directly at the three major disorders made the public feel very dissatisfied. First of all, traffic problems, the planning of access and exit sites is chaotic, the shuttle bus and the hitchhiking place are all set up at the activity exit, the site is not well chosen, the activity must be done in a place that has not been planned at all; and netizens say that because of poor management, no one maintains order at all, many children are scattered at the activity site and their families, the chaotic scene makes people feel helpless. The worst fireworks in history!

In addition, the sudden rainstorm caused the site to become a muddy area, the people on the scene have sought shelter, ten thousand people were forced to play with mud in the super muddy turf, comparable to the mud fireworks war, netizens self-mocked a record of taking off shoes and standing in the water to watch fireworks. As soon as the fireworks entered the second paragraph, a large number of people moved to the transfer station, frankly saying that you cant go home without leaving early.

The picture shows Taiwanese people complaining about the situation on the Internet.

In response, Pan Mengan, the governor of Pingdong County, wrote thousands of words in the early morning on the social network, confessing that it was his worst day of life. The fireworks have been prepared for half a year. On the 10th day, the mood fluctuates. It is like riding a roller coaster. I think I am fully prepared. Then pan mengan threw the pot to the weather, claiming: a heavy rain, disordered fireworks, muddy and stagnant ground, together with the impact of poor connection and evacuation, many people could not enter and leave in time.

Netizens did not buy Pan Mengans explanation. They said frankly, Its really bad, even the parking space cant be found, a pile of cars are stuck in the road. They questioned Is it not responsible to do this, It seems that there is no improvement at all. The netizen sighed: After half a year of preparation, the idiot also knows that there will be a flood of people and weather factors. Hasnt the plan been met and no better place can be found? Every year they say that the government cant cooperate well, just take turns to read jokes. The Democratic Progressive Party has been in power for the last year, so bear with it.

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