Criminal investigators who have investigated the case of Judge Ma Jiajue act as umbrellas for those involved in criminal activities.

 Criminal investigators who have investigated the case of Judge Ma Jiajue act as umbrellas for those involved in criminal activities.

On October 10, the website of Heilongjiang Discipline Commission released a message that the former inspector of Heilongjiang Public Security Bureau was expelled from the Party membership, and all the treatment he enjoyed was cancelled. The circular pointed out that Yan Zizhong seriously violated national political discipline and resisted organizational censorship by colluding with others and reporting false information to superior organizations.

Upstream journalists learned that Yan Zizhong had participated in and directed thousands of investigation cases during his tenure, including the sensation of the big and small landlord case in Qiqihar, as well as the command and investigation of the Majiajue case.

On April 11 this year, Yan Zizhong was investigated on suspicion of serious violations of law and discipline.

Yan Zizhong was expelled from the Party. Source: Heilongjiang Discipline Inspection Commission Official Website

38 years from police, one year after retirement

The briefing showed that Yan Zizhong not only violated political discipline, the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee, organizational discipline and integrity discipline, but also used his position to help those involved in criminal activities evade investigation and punishment. He also made profits for others in business operation, loan financing and other aspects, illegally accepted huge amounts of property and was suspected of corruption and bribery.

Yan Zizhong has worked in the public security system for 38 years. He has long held the leading position in the criminal investigation department and is also a national criminal investigation expert.

Open resume shows that Yan Zizhong is a law major, graduated from the law major of the Social Science Department of Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural Reclamation University, and has worked in the grass-roots public security system for 13 years since 1980. He has successively served as Vice-Chief of Criminal Investigation Section, Captain of Criminal Police Brigade and Vice-Director of Public Security Bureau of Mishan City (formerly Mishan County) in Heilongjiang Province. In 1993, Yan Zizhong was transferred directly from the County-level Public Security Bureau to the Heilongjiang Public Security Department. He was successively the deputy director and director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the public security department, the Deputy cadre of the provincial public security department and the head of the criminal investigation team.

In July 2010, Yan Zizhong was transferred to Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province as Vice Mayor and Director of the Mudanjiang Public Security Bureau. Six years later, he returned to the provincial public security department as an inspector. In February 2018, Yan Zizhong retired at the age of 60.

On April 11, 2019, according to the Heilongjiang Discipline Commission, Yan Zizhong, a former inspector of the Heilongjiang Public Security Bureau, was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law and was subject to disciplinary review and investigation.

Yan Zizhong. Photo Source/Peoples Network

Thousands of cases have been solved and criminal investigation experts have become umbrellas

The upstream journalists learned that in September 1999, the Ministry of public security hired nine criminal investigation experts, including Yan Zizhong. In the next few years, the above-mentioned experts participated in the investigation of many major and difficult cases, and repeatedly built remarkable achievements, which was known as the national team in the field of criminal investigation.

Upstream journalists learned that Yan Zizhong, a 38-year-old policeman, participated in and directed thousands of criminal cases, including the big and small landlord case in Qiqihar City, which caused a sensation for a time, and ended the local bully gangs for more than ten years.

Zhang Zhiwen and his new brothers, known as big and small landlords in Qiqihar, have no royal law. They are involved in many bad illegal acts, such as murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, organizing prostitution and illegal possession of firearms. Under Yan Zizhongs command, the police arrested 126 people involved, including big and small landlords, and seized more than 20 guns in 2003.

In addition, Yan Zizhong also participated in the cracking down of such cases as 1995.1.28 armed robbery of huge wages in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, the 2002.12.18 robbery and murder of public security and civilian police in Daan County, Jilin Province, the 2003.1.18 extraordinary robbery and money carrier murder in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, and Ma Jiajue murder in Yunnan University.

In June 2010, Yan Zizhong was appointed Vice Mayor and Director of Public Security Bureau of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. Six months later, he began to reform the new police mode. At the beginning of his tenure, 45 homicides occurred in Mudanjiang in the first six months of 2010, and 6 of them were not uncovered. When hearing the report, Yan Zizhong said on the spot: At least five can be broken. By the end of the year, all but the murder that he felt uncertain about was uncovered.

Upstream journalists noted that the language of the Heilongjiang Discipline Commissions circular was very stringent. Yan Zizhong, as a leading cadre of Party members and peoples police, lost his ideal and belief, betrayed his original mission, was not loyal and honest to the Party, and was prepared to confront organizational censorship, enforce the law and break the law, shelter illegal and criminal activities of those involved in criminal activities, and acted as a umbrella.

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