Kurichai 40 + 6 + 6 Warriors capture forest wolf Russell 16 + 5 Downes 9 + 3

 Kurichai 40 + 6 + 6 Warriors capture forest wolf Russell 16 + 5 Downes 9 + 3

After the start of the game, the two teams competed fiercely, and the leading power changed many times. Of tigers three points, Downes scored three points successfully, and Timberwolves led by 14-9. Curie also hit three points, and Lehmann found the hand to score eight points in a row. With 5:50 left in the first quarter, Timberwolves led 22-14. Russell went into shape, hit three shots, and Curie broke through jump shots. They led the team to hit a 12-3 rebound wave. The Warriors overtook 1 point with 26-25 rebound. Lehmann made a good breakthrough and Curie made two good offenses. Before the end of the first quarter, he shot three points to cause a foul by Napier. The Warriors finished the first quarter with a 35-31 lead and four points. Kuri slashed 17 points in a single stanza.

WarriorsCurie scored 24 points in the first half and Timberwolves Napier scored 11.

Shortly after the beginning of the last quarter, Paschal scored four points in a series of throws and penalties, and Harrison hit three points. They led the team to a small climax of 9-0, with the Warriors leading 122-105. Lehmann returned two penalties, the Warriors extended their advantage by four points, Diop made two breakthroughs, he led the team to chase another six points, and the Timberwolves lagged 113-126 with 4:50 seconds in the fourth quarter. Poole remained offensive, hitting two three-point shots, scoring 10 points by one, and the Warriors led 138-118 with 2:25 seconds left in the fourth quarter. The big margin made the final game suspense, and the Warriors won 143-123 in the end.

Timberwolves starting line-up: Tiger, Wiggins, Graham, Cowenton, Downs

Warriors starting line-up: Curie, Russell, Robinson, Green, Chris

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