Zhou Hongyi: its hypocrisy to be an enterprise without talking about money at all

 Zhou Hongyi: its hypocrisy to be an enterprise without talking about money at all

360 has been working for ten years in the field of government and enterprise security. There is no problem of determination size, but the nine words strategy setting, team building and team leading can make it go further.

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Oral 360 Group Chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi

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Many people call me Red Cannon, probably because I used to be tireless and love to tell the truth. Actually, I prefer to be called Lao Zhou.

Since we put forward the big security strategy, the discussion about 360 government and enterprise security business has been increasing. There are various articles on the Internet, which are supportive, understandable, questionable, and some cant wait to let go of the cold gun. In short, bullets flew around for a while.

I am very grateful to the friends who pay attention to 360, because when we do the security of government and enterprise, we break the window paper by one person. It is unexpected that people care about it. For example, not long ago, I vaguely said, 360 will return to the government-enterprise security market. The news was like throwing a stone into a pool, causing a great disturbance, and many experts came out to interpret it. You didnt say to be a toB. Why do you want to be a toB now? Can toB be the same as toC? How well do you do toC, can you do toB?

With Chinese entrepreneurs, I would like to correct that we are not returning to the market of government and enterprise, 360 has never left the market of government and enterprise. If we have to go back to the history, the 1.0 version of 360 strategy of government and enterprise actually started in 2006 and 2007. At that time, we made a 360 security guard of network management version, which is the earliest attempt of 360 to face enterprise users until now. In the network management version, there is a high proportion of users. In the future, around 2011, 360 Free Security has gained a leading position in the toC market, and has been thinking about entering the enterprise market. In fact, I made the decision myself.

Of course, we have also gone through a detour in the government-enterprise market. The company we invested in finally deviated from the original strategic intention, so we took back the brand, technology, data and talent. We enter the government-enterprise market not to compete homogeneously with our peers, but ultimately to resist APT attacks between countries. But there are always people who dont believe it. They always worry that 360 is for making money and for the market share of government and enterprises. It is hypocritical to be an enterprise without talking about money at all, but if it only looks at money, it may be short-sighted and fail to make a great company. We want to be a respected enterprise, so we must take a long-term strategic view.

I am 50 years old and have seen many twists and turns on the Internet battlefield. Liu Chuanzhi, an industry mentor whom I admire very much, has talked about nine words of being an enterprise: defining strategy, building team and leading team. Originally, I was very young, always concentrating on product, tactical upgrading, trying to do user experience, do product details, relatively ignoring these nine words. Now, I spend more energy on these nine words. This is a lesson Im making up recently. Use these nine words to re-understand what 360 and 360 are doing.

The strategy is made.

The most important thing in strategy is to decide what to do and what not to do.

For small enterprises, the strategy is relatively simple, because the resources of small enterprises are limited and the cost of trial and error is very low, so long as the trial and error can be found out continuously. But when an enterprise develops to a certain scale and has a lot of people and money in its hands, it cant try the strategy in a completely wrong way. Instead, it should have a clear judgment on the future trend and cant become strategy is brainstorming.

360 to do business security is very clear that we are not a sales company, but a company to provide high-end network security services to the party, government and military enterprises. Today, a lot of people make money in the compliance catalogue, but 360 doesnt do it, and its not eye-catching in this market. We basically dont compete with our peers. 360 is to concentrate on one thing: hope to help business customers build their own safety brains, train their own safety experts, in an enabling way so that everyone has a strong defensive ability, sleep soundly.

For 360, if we dont do this strategy, all these years will be wasted. In the field of network security, we have neither built firewalls nor sold all kinds of products. What we have done in this decade is to deal with all kinds of network attacks from small to large. Now we have begun to track the network weapons of various countries. However, 360 refining these capabilities into a fee-based consulting service.

So when someone asks me how much effort I put into thinking about strategy, how long it took and how much white hair I want to say its not that serious. One hundred days of firewood and one day of burning, this is a 360 has done for 10 years, spent 10 years to make this strategy, not I suddenly came up with. However, it did take some time to consciously refine and form a consensus.

Today, 360s strategy is not as simple as that of a small company. Im good at being a small company, but I cant copy the strategy of a small company into todays tens of thousands of enterprises, which is different.

Therefore, we are also setting up a new Ministry of Strategic Investment, which includes safety research institute, safety think tank and so on. The think tank not only provides safety advice to enterprises, but also to the government. For example, in the security market sector, the market is no longer just about cooperation, but also needs to bring back a lot of events for analysis, perceiving the changes in the external cooperation environment, there is a lot of cooperation.

Team members depend on more than one number

The team talks about how to select the reserved team, especially how to build it. Todays 360 is no longer the stage of individual heroes, but the stage of group warfare.

Ma Yun did a good job of this, so he is also qualified to give Alibaba to others to manage, which is more foolish than I come out, we dare not and can not retire. This shows that we have not done enough in training and selecting talents and selecting new echelons in the past. In the past 360 preferred to develop naturally in this respect, but soon found some problems, such as many people did not work, many people earned money to retire, there are a variety of problems such as age, family, health and so on.

However, it also provides me with a perspective: the new stage of Internet development, can not always use some 20 years ago, 10 years ago senior executives and those outdated practices. Companies need to incorporate fresh blood, including training young people internally to take over.

In the past, when the company was small, all the problems were piled up with me, and the boss was always the last person to provide solutions. But nowadays, its impossible to rely on me to make a decision on everything. The company should not only cultivate the No. 2 position, but also find the CEO and No. 1 position in every business. This No. 1 position not only needs to be able to understand the companys strategy, but also to be able to carry out the companys strategy, and he also needs strong leadership, cohesion, technology, sales, marketing and other aspects of people together.

We know in our mind when we do tob business that to do a good job of Tob is not only to have technology, but also to have technology, so customers cant pay for it. For government and enterprise users, how to turn your technical ability into a product to meet the needs of customers is very important.

Ren Zhengfei said a word: give command to the people closest to the artillery fire. Who is closest to the sound of gunfire? Be a pre-sales, front-line salesman. This shows that toB is very important to be sold close to the front line; product planning and product design are also very important to connect the preceding and the following in the middle; similarly, the technology, research and development, and various security capabilities of the background are also very important. Like a rocket going to heaven, one wrong link is no good.

No. 1 position is the person who can ensure the smooth operation of all links. He has the spirit of cooperation and can make everyone cooperate well, not just a smart and capable person.

Within the company, we also have partners. This is not the partner that investors call it. Before the partner fails to pass the verification, we call the class committee, which means that we can organize a collective cooperation. I think its a neglected thing in the past. Now I need to put more effort into it.

Leading team depends on enterprise culture

How to lead the team? Thats culture. This is also the premise of internal collaboration, based on the common concept, we all agree with each other, we are to unite to do a great thing.

I am a product, technical background, the original companys culture is more inclined to how to do things, such as innovation, user first and so on, these are more talked about, but now we feel that in culture we have to make up for other directions, such as collaboration. Some people tend to become more self-centered and inflated after they have made some achievements. This mentality will affect not only learning ability and creativity, but also collaborative ability.

In the wave of the Internet, 360 has been doing both the B-side and the C-side. Although I have a lot of lessons to make up recently, I think the pressure of doing business is not as high as that of doing C-terminal. The reason is very simple. ToC products are basically 1 and 0. There are only two states: successful or unsuccessful. ToC cant do the top three, more absolutely, even the second place is no chance. But toBs market is not changing so fast, which gives you plenty of time for communication and transformation.

In addition, the toB market itself is very fragmented, and its business model is relatively simple, do a customer will have revenue. Many enterprises are obscure in toB market, but they are invisible champions. Some of them may have 10% market share, which is already a big company.

Today, 360 has found a different direction from other friends and businessmen in this industry, which is really a rare thing. We should increase our investment and go on steadily. There is no question of the size of determination. One has done something for 10 years. You ask me if my determination is big. What do you think is more important than what I have really done for 10 years?

Source: Responsible Editor of Chinese Entrepreneurs: Yao Liwei_NT6056