NeXT 2019 Autumn Tour of Gold Medal Explanation Lineup

 NeXT 2019 Autumn Tour of Gold Medal Explanation Lineup

Unhuman School Sorry: Xiong Heis Speaker

Sorry, apart from commenting on identity, is currently a contracted anchor of NetEase CC Live Broadcasting. Under the simple appearance, it is the precipitation of rich actual combat and profound understanding of the event. Whether its a brutal single-killing confrontation or a group battle that must be fought every minute, he can analyze clothing, operation and lineup from all angles. Speech speed rises and falls with the content of campus hegemony, making people feel as if they are in the campus to experience the joy of Cat Island confrontation.

Wilderness Action Vegetables: The Most Valuable Anchors of Top Ten Hot Games

Vegetables won the Top Ten Hot Games Most Valuable Anchors at the Little Cucurbit Festival in 2018, which was a great affirmation for the newcomers who had been broadcasting the game live at that time. And in the fall of 2019 NeXT, he was the incarnation of the rescue team to voice for the event. Dont forget the original intention and forge ahead. I believe that vegetables will bring you more surprises in explaining this post.

Fifth Personality: The First Yellow Clothes Master

NeXT is the captain of the fifth personality Championship hot QBL team last season. He is the main player in the top yellow shirt of the national uniform. He is the first player in the list of former survivors and has strong strength. And this season, no confusion Avatar interpretation, his game experience into the actual deduction, through the player, interpretation in one point of view for the audience and players to appreciate the game. Excellent operation, leading predictions and his humorous and witty style of interpretation have brought him a lot of fans.

The Legend of Stone Gitty: The Light of Women Professional Players

Gitty, who has four yearsexperience in electric competition and is only 20 years old, won the Shaanxi Womens Championship in Hearthstone Legend and entered the final of the 2017 World E-Sports Games in China, and finally ranked sixth in the WESG National Womens Competition. Her strength can not be underestimated. Gitty is also a member of the Stone Branch of KA Womens Competition Club and joined the Stone Legend Championship of the Gold Final Cup in 2018. The intellectual lady who returned from studying in France has a unique personal interpretation in the hearthstone legend competition. In addition to excellent professional qualities, Gittys transformation commentary has also been recognized by many players. Skillful and direct comments are her unique style. Hope to join NeXTs Gitty for the first time and bring you more surprises.

StarCraft II JBR: Happy Because of Love