Dahua West Tour Landing Shanghai Fashion Week Comes to Hanfu National Style Show

 Dahua West Tour Landing Shanghai Fashion Week Comes to Hanfu National Style Show

Shanghai Fashion Week has gone through 17 years, bringing a variety of thematic activities, unlimited creative product release, splendid exhibitions, so that Shanghai, a city full of fashion and cultural self-confidence, has become a fashion living room of global concern.

Showroom Shanghai, one of the most successful showrooms in China, is a local fashion exhibition with Chinese design brands. Every year, Shanghai Fashion Week attracts more attention from a large number of people in the Chinese fashion circle.

This big talk can participate in this top fashion feast, and bring creative cooperation with Chuanlang Baozi Shop. This special event will definitely bring a new experience for all big talk players, and also take this opportunity to let more people taste the different national flavor brought by big talk!

I hope all the friends who like big talk and national style can come to the scene to participate in the activities. Big talk will be with you at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Activity time: 11 October-13 October

Address: Shitang, xiyiguan, Shanghai Exhibition Center, No.1000, Yanan Middle Road, Shanghai

Share the national style, hand in hand to inherit. Journey to the West with Talk ushered in the month of national tradition inheritance, and a series of activities came on stage one after another, leading three circles of chivalrous men to taste the charm of the quintessence of Peking Opera and hand in hand to inherit the traditional Chinese culture! For more information about games and events, please pay attention to the official website, official forums and official gods of Dahua Journey to the West.