Turkey cites Irans concerns about Irans assault drills on the Turkish-Iranian border with Syria

 Turkey cites Irans concerns about Irans assault drills on the Turkish-Iranian border with Syria

BEIJING, Oct. 11, according to foreign media reports, Iran announced in the morning of October 10 that the ground forces of the Iranian Army had concluded a surprise drill with the slogan One Target, One War in the area bordering Turkey, emphasizing that the drill was aimed at testing the readiness of the Iranian troops and sending different signals to the Iranian people and the enemy respectively.

On the morning of the 9th, the Ministry of Public Relations of the Iranian Army announced that the ground forces of the Iranian Army would conduct an assault drill in the Orumiya area in northwestern Iran near the Turkish border.

Source: On July 6, 2011, Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) test-fired a Tongda coastal cruise missile with a range of 100 km to 200 km during military exercises.

The Iranian Army Commander-in-Chief, Abdul-Rahim Moussavi, was responsible for the exercise, which reportedly involved rapid reaction forces, mobile and offensive forces, and was supported by helicopters from the Iranian Army and Air Forces.

According to the statement issued by the Iranian military, the main objective of this round of exercises is to test the readiness of the ground forces of the Iranian Army, train the speed and agility of the troops on the battlefield, and realize the mobilization and deployment of the troops.

Regarding the signals conveyed by this round of exercises, Mousavi said, This round of exercises has sent a very good signal to the Iranian people that the Iranian people and soldiers are ready to face any possible action.

Mousavi added that the message of these exercises to the enemy was to make them fully aware that the people of the land were ready to face any mistakes the enemy could make at any time and anywhere. He also pointed out that Iranian forces were acting under Intelligence guidance and that Iran had developed detailed plans for the various threats posed by the enemy.

The commander of Irans ground forces, Kiomar Heidari, revealed that the latest self-developed equipment and weapons were used in the exercises today. He also stressed that this round of exercises tested Irans independent military R&D capability to a certain extent.

The naval commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Ali-Lisa Tangsiri, announced that the fastest self-developed submarine would also appear in the exercise.

Tangsiri added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has sent many signals to the Gulf countries, emphasizing that regional security is the responsibility of the Gulf countries and that the two sides can ensure regional security through mutual reconciliation.

It is reported that the Turkish army launched a spring of peace military operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria from 9 September. Irans Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on October 10 expressing concern about Turkeys military operations in Syria and demanding that Turkey immediately stop its military operations.

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