Employees said they were forced to change their heads in stores and advertise in circles of friends without fines.

 Employees said they were forced to change their heads in stores and advertise in circles of friends without fines.

If you dont send a circle of friends or change your head, you will be fined by the mall. Over the past few days, some employees of Zhengzhou Chaoji Sports 100 have reported to Dahe Daily that they have been forced by the shopping mall to send the contents of promotional activities to friends circle. All employees must change their designated Weixin avatars and use the promotional posters uniformly. This infringes their privacy rights and hopes that Dahe Customs will pay attention to this matter.

No friends will be fined by the mall

On the morning of October 9, Dahe Dahe Client Journalist arrived at Chaoji Sports 100 via Sanlu Shop, located near the Agricultural Road and the junction of Jingsan Road. It was Wednesday, and because of the light rain, there were not many customers in the shopping mall. Some customers were choosing clothes.

In a brand clothing store in the shopping mall, a shop assistant who did not want to be named said that from September 20, for a long period of time, the shopping mall required all employees to forward the promotional advertisements of the shopping mall to the circle of friends in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, not less than three items a day, and to update them every day.

She said that because of the daily release of these content, several good friends have blocked her circle of friends, which has a negative impact on her personal.

Not only that, but also to change the personal Weixin avatar. The above employees told reporters that unified use of promotional posters in shopping malls, employees after work, check the circle of friends before returning home.

When interviewed, several employees said that they were not accustomed to the practice of shopping malls, and they also felt that it violated their privacy. Even their own circle of friends can not control themselves, but also to forward information issued by the mall. The mall should apologize to everyone.

Just cooperate with the overall propaganda

Subsequently, the reporter rushed to the first floor of the shopping mall Chao Ji Sports 100 through the Third Road Store office. A small room with many staff working in it.

A person in charge who claimed to be the store manager admitted in the interview that there was a fine for not sending out friends circles or changing Weixin avatars. However, it was not forced, just requiring employees to change their avatars, and there was no change. It said that even if one item was issued, it would be a fine without changing the head image, but most of them were not fined, only very few and typical ones, such as the shopkeeper and the important person in charge of the counter.

The above-mentioned person in charge said that in doing so, the publicity is for various brands, counters, to ensure their income, and in 2018, there is a regulation clearly stated that when there are publicity activities in the stores, employees are required to cooperate. If you dont change your avatar, such as the shopkeeper, you will kick him out of the group, so that a lot of information will not be received. The kicker will be fined if he asks to come in again. If there are 59 people in the group and 58 people have changed, he will be left alone. It is certainly wrong not to cooperate.

Its just a combination of propaganda. The person in charge said that for the circle of friends, employees have the responsibility and obligation to publish information, and they did check it once before.

Does this violate the privacy of employees? The person in charge said that the activity was only from September 20 to October 8, and he was surprised that employees would reflect the problem. He felt that he had not violated the privacy of his employees and had not thought so much about it. Now that the campaign is over, employees can change their avatars at will.

Forwarding Friendship Circle: Some are in favor of it and some are against it.

Substitution, micro-business, company publicity... All kinds of information about the circle of friends are dazzling. Nowadays, is your circle of friends pure, and how much content is forwarded by request?

On the afternoon of October 9, Dahe Daily made a visit. Among the more than 10 citizens of street mining, the phenomenon that companies let employees forward circles of friends exists in varying degrees. Most people say that the companys compulsory staff forwarding is very disgusting, but this is helpless.

Mr. Wu, a resident of a company in Zhengzhou who works in real estate, admits that the company is not only forcing the establishment of a circle of friends, but also forbidding the establishment of three days to be visible. Theres no way out. You have to listen to them when you work in a company. Otherwise, youll be criticized and sometimes even fined.

There are also people Tucao, not only the companys business content to be forwarded, sometimes even the leadership of relatives store opening publicity information, require employees to forward promotion. Their circle of friends can not make their own decisions, but they are requisitioned for free by the company, how to look uncomfortable. After all, the circle of friends is not the workplace circle. It is suspected of infringement that it roughly links life to the workplace.

There are also expressions of neutrality. Forwarding or not is okay. Its not a big deal. Move your finger.

Just a circle of friends, a head. However, in the interview, a very few citizens said that the Internet era does not need to be serious. Originally, it is an employee of the company. He should love his company when he works. Therefore, it is a duty to properly promote the companys products in the circle of friends.

Some citizens have come up with solutions. If the leaders of the company do not give up the circle of friends, they can set up groups and set up the content that needs to be forwarded as visible to the leaders separately. In addition, you can also apply for a trumpet, so that work and life are both right.

According to the person in charge of a new media company in Zhengzhou, although Wechat is a social software, it is also a platform for people to communicate with each other. The company also needs a degree for employees to forward their circle of friends. If there are too many forwards, it will not play a good propaganda role.

Forcing employees to forward circles of friends is not advisable. Duanzi, a national second-level psychological consultant and emotional mentor, told Dahe Dahe Client Journalist that she understood the companys behavior, but that her personal circle of friends did not belong to the scope of work and belonged to private space. A circle of friends cant become a business circle. The company does this, itself is a marketing means, in order to spread influence, but, the more circles of friends, often counter-productive, people will be psychological disgust, perhaps be blocked by a large number of people.

Liu Chang, a professor in the Department of Communication, School of Literature, Nankai University, said in an interview with the media that although the network circle of friends is a relatively loose interpersonal network, it does not mean that we can have no scruples, but should also follow the social ethics of honesty and mutual respect. Publishing marketing information and forcing forwarding information here can easily create psychological barriers between friends, and then affect the real communication, which is boring and harmful to friendship.

Lawyers say:

So, is it proper for the mall to do this, and does it infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of employees?

In response, Zhao Yutao, a lawyer from Henan Yingtai Law Firm, told Dahe Daily that according to the law, the right to personality includes the rights of life and health, name, portrait, reputation, honor, credit and privacy. As a virtual portrait used on the Internet, the personal portrait of employees in enterprises should also be recognized as the content of personality rights, so it is also a model of legal protection. Enclosed.

Therefore, in view of the fact that employees Wechat belongs to employees personal space and obviously has the attribute of personal privacy, it should be prohibited if the employee is forced to send an advertised circle of friends or change the head of the designated content, which obviously violates the employees personality rights. At the same time, the relevant rules and regulations promulgated by enterprises themselves must conform to the law, and the formulation procedures must be legitimate. Penalties for employeesfines, deductions of wages or bonuses should also be carried out within the scope of the law, otherwise they are illegal.

Obviously infringing the legitimate rights and interests of employees as workers, it should be an illegal act. Lawyer Zhao said that in combination with the case, the enterprise punished the employees who did not send advertisements or changed their portraits according to the requirements. The employees could report to the labor supervision department according to law, or directly apply for labor arbitration to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests according to law.

Source: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825, responsible editor of Dahe Daily