14-year-old girl dropping out of school accompanied by drinking mother tracked down bar disorder: official intervention

 14-year-old girl dropping out of school accompanied by drinking mother tracked down bar disorder: official intervention

A 14-year-old girl leaves work early in the morning and lies drunk on the side of the road.

Ms. Zheng tracked her daughters pony and found that she often went to Miami Bar in Longhua. Reporters added Xiaoma Weixin as a customer. Their working mode of this group is to attract netizens to drink in bars through Weixin. During this period, they sell drinks to netizens. In order to fool netizens to spend more, she also drinks with them. The pony should not be a 14-year-old girl at all, no matter how she talks and behaves, or how she smokes and drinks. So why do these children, who should have gone to school, appear in bars and sell alcohol? What on earth are these children drawing? Journalist survey

Most of these girls came to this industry for fun at first.

Not only free bar, but also make money.

During the reporters investigation, Xiaoma returned her whereabouts to Ms. Zheng after work, but she was unable to catch up for a moment and a half. When the pony got out, it staggered for a while and suddenly fell drunk on the ground. At this time, a man suddenly appeared and took the pony back to the community. Reporters also added Xiao Wang, Xiao Mas classmate, who was also open-minded about reporters drinking, the same routine as Xiao Ma. When asked about Xiao Wangs age, she answered that she was 18 years old and hiding her age had become the norm for these children who sold alcohol.

For further information, another female journalist interviewed as a 16-year-old high school student and contacted Xiao Liu, a girl who also works in a Miami bar, to express her desire to work part-time in a bar to make money.

Xiao Liu told reporters that they belong to the periphery of the bar, which requires both booking and selling wine. Peripheral can only sell a designated foreign wine, plus six bottles of green tea and fruit trays, 280 yuan a set, Peripheral can go directly to the bar front desk for wine.

After receiving the order, you can ask other girls to come and accompany you. The industry is commonly known as womens station, womens station to drink a set of wine, which can earn 38 yuan 8, Xiaoqi is one of them, so that she can make tens of thousands a month.

Some people in the industry say that young people like Xiaoma, Xiaowang and Xiaoqi have become a part of the grey benefit chain because they enter society too early and cant get normal jobs because of their greed. This special mode of selling drinks needs to be developed by pulling peoples hair off the line. Over time, the team becomes larger and larger.

Who started this kind of industry latent rule? We cant always find the point! Who leaked the news? Who opens the net? These problems are not strictly examined. Hundreds of underage girls are likely to continue to develop their families. How many children will be trapped in them and unable to extricate themselves?

This afternoon, the Longhua District Peoples Government has taken the lead in cultural, municipal supervision, public security and other departments to conduct joint investigations and law enforcement on this matter. We look forward to these efforts, not only to achieve temporary results, but also to explore a long-term effective mechanism.

Source: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825