Dont overestimate your position in others hearts.

 Dont overestimate your position in others hearts.

In fact, sometimes life is a train with or without return. Some people get on or get off the train. Most people can only accompany you for a while, and then disappear into the vast crowd.

In the past, we always wanted to firmly grasp some things, want them to accompany us forever, but slowly we will understand that unsatisfactory is the normal life, not get is normal.

So we all need to understand that its yours that can never go away, not yours, and cant stay.

Never overestimate your position in a persons heart, and never overestimate your concern for each other. Once something you believe in disappoints you, it will be a heartbreaking experience.

Perhaps at this moment, there is a person who values you as a treasure, but dont rely on it completely. Even if he is full of you, he should learn to be an independent person.

Without too much hope, we wont suffer the pain of loss. I know its a sad thing to lose someone who treats us sincerely. But life is lonely. We all have to learn to accept the reality and then learn to grow up.

Dont place too much hope on others, dont give their future TOEFL to others. Happiness is always in their hands, not easily given by others.

You come, I am glad to accept, you go, I calmly face, do not force any charity to accompany, do not overestimate their position in any persons heart.

If you want to live a good life, you must first be the best of yourself, even if you are a person, you must live freely and unrestrainedly.