De Jong: Sevilla can beat many teams - even Barcelona Sports News

 De Jong: Sevilla can beat many teams - even Barcelona Sports News

The 29 year old moved from PSV to Sevilla in July and relishes the prospect of playing in the famous Catalan stadium.

We have to be well prepared for this game, concentrate on it and be confident and individualistic.

Its always impressive to play at Nou Camp Stadium and other stadiums like this, but no matter where the venue is, we have to be prepared. However, when you were young, playing football in places like the Nou Camp was one of the reasons why you started playing football.

De Jong scored 28 goals in 34 PSV leagues last season, but has yet to find a net entry for his new club. However, for the Dutch international, poor goals are no problem.

Of course I want to score Sevilla as soon as possible, he said. But last year we won the first 13 games on PSV, and I didnt score in the first four games, so... I think everyone knows my qualities and the work I do for the team, my work and my performance as a target player.

At this point, Im not lucky enough to get to the last goal, but its coming. Ill start scoring goals and getting assists - thats more motivation to work harder in every game.

Ive never given any number of goals I want to score in a season, I just want to be as important as possible for the team in terms of goals and assists.

I work hard in every game to suppress my opponents, win back the ball and help the team dominate. Hopefully I can stay healthy and be a key player throughout the season.