Two 737NG aircraft were grounded by Southwest Airlines due to current cracks

 Two 737NG aircraft were grounded by Southwest Airlines due to current cracks

The Federal Aviation Administration last week ordered operators to conduct an urgent inspection of the problem. At present, about 500 planes from airlines around the world have been inspected. Aviation analyst Hamilton said that 25 planes have been found to have related problems so far, accounting for 5%.

US media pointed out that the grounding of two 737NG aircraft coincided with Southwest Airlines and Boeings fight can not be made. On October 7, Southwest Airlines filed a lawsuit against Boeing, claiming that the grounding of Boeing 737? MAX caused more than $100 million in economic losses to its pilots and demanded compensation from Boeing. A Boeing spokesman said the lawsuit was groundless and would strongly oppose it. The long-term grounding of Boeing 737MAX has dealt a severe blow to Southwest Airlines and its pilots. Up to now, more than 30,000 sorties have been cancelled by Southwest Airlines.

In October 2018, an Indonesian Lion Airlines Boeing 737 MAX8 flew from Jakarta to Bangkapeng Port. It lost contact shortly after takeoff and was later found crashing off the Indonesian coast, killing 189 people. Just six months later, on March 10, 2019, Ethiopian AirlinesBoeing 737 Max8 crashed, killing 157 people on board. After the second crash, regulators grounded the aircraft around the world. On September 23, Boeing announced that it would compensate 346 victims of the previous 737 MAX crash, and their families would receive $1445,000 (about 130,000 yuan). (Overseas Network Zhang Nei)

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Lin Chiheng_NY9285