Xu Haifeng: Originally I was the person who lit the main torch of Beijing Olympic Games, but I was too fat to train. Finally, Li Ning got on.

 Xu Haifeng: Originally I was the person who lit the main torch of Beijing Olympic Games, but I was too fat to train. Finally, Li Ning got on.

At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Xu Haifeng won the gold medal in the mens pistol slow fire event, which is also the first gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games in China. In fact, it only took Xu Haifeng more than a year to practice shooting and win the Olympic championship, but there are still many stories behind the gold medal.

Xu Haifeng recalled that the game was not in good condition at first, so he disappeared for half an hour and went to the gate to watch the ants move. Xu Haifeng explained: If you still want to compete during the rest period, it is equal to no rest, so you must change your thinking to other aspects. Forget about the game and come back to the game.

Subsequent awards ceremony, there were several episodes. First of all, Xu Haifeng did not wear his own trousers, so he only wore a pair of borrowed trousers and a pair of white sneakers. Xu Haifeng laughed at this: Before the game did not think so much, if you think so much, maybe the gold medal will not be won.

In addition, as Xu Haifeng and Wang Yifu entered the top three, the organizing committee only prepared a Chinese flag. Eventually, the Organizing Committee informed the news center to send a five-star red flag by helicopter, which delayed the award ceremony for 40 minutes. Xu Haifeng said jokingly, If you had told us to bring only one flag, we would have come with it ourselves.

After returning home, Xu Haifeng also donated his significant gold medal. He calmly explained: Originally, this row of gold medals belongs to the country, without the training of the country, without the platform provided by the country, without the state to spend human, material and financial resources to cultivate, I can not win the gold medal, so I donated it.

Since 1994, Xu Haifeng had to end his brilliant career as a sportsman because of eye disease, and then he transformed into a coach. Xu Haifeng recalled that it was the Hiroshima Asian Games in 1994. He gave up the next project because he couldnt see clearly. Just as the coach of the womens pistol project didnt go, he went to the coach on a guest tour. There are four gold medals in the Asian Games of the womens pistol event, and all of them have been won. The leader said that you should simply become a coach. Xu Haifeng said.

Looking back on his coaching career, Xu Haifeng bluntly said, Its just too tired to take the womens team with him. Hes tired in a bowl of water. Xu Haifeng explained that for every athlete, he wanted to do his best to train, so it was very hard.

In the selection of shooters, Xu Haifeng revealed that introverted personality is suitable for shooting events. He also remembered his old teammate Wang Yifu: Wang Yifu is not introverted, so it took him 13 years to win the first world championship, and I only spent two years.

At present, Xu Haifengs biggest hobby at home is watching TV plays. I like watching war dramas, so I can pick out a bunch of faults for each one. Xu Haifeng said with a laugh, The first position, the second gun type and the third bullet are often mismatched.

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