Carlos: Luxembourg put a ban on alcohol so he left Real Madrid soon.

 Carlos: Luxembourg put a ban on alcohol so he left Real Madrid soon.

Carlos first affirmed Bosks softness: Hes more like our friend than the coach. He doesnt need to make any rules. Our players know what to do. He understands us very well. He will train Monday and Tuesday at 17 instead of 11 because we cant get up in the morning.

In the 2004/2005 season, Camacho resigned more than four months after briefly coaching Real Madrid. Carlos revealed the reason: Camacho tried to be more strict with us, when we had seven superstars, his approach made the dressing room a little dangerous. Our players have been in good control, but Camacho only lasted 10 days. Then he looked serious, as if he had come with the history of Real Madrid. He said that the next day he had to train at 7 a.m., but we usually didnt train until 10:30 a.m. The players talk to him and want him to change the schedule because we have our own habits. After coaching the National Football Team in 2011, CCTVs Football Night program disclosed the old news, because in one training, Camacho saw several big stars like Carlos and Ronaldo laughing at him behind him and resigned indignantly after failing to apply for the club to deal with the players.

Luxenbergs class ended because of the prohibition of alcohol. Luxembourgs situation is similar because players have their own habits. We like to have some beer or wine before dinner. There are always two bottles of wine on the table. Ronaldo told Luxembourg to try not to change playershabits, not to withdraw alcohol, otherwise there will be problems. Carlos continued, What did Luxembourg do? He first withdrew the beer and then the red wine. He persisted for three months. Soon the news reached the board of directors and he left.

Top stars tend to lead extravagant lives, and Carlos now feels ridiculous: Now Ill think, how have we done so many silly things? After each match, everyone took a private jet and we met in the private jet area of Madrid Airport. We dont know where Beckham is going, as do Zidane, Ronaldo and me, and we have to train the next day. At that time, I was looking forward to the game on Saturday, because I was going to watch F1 on Sunday. The playersprivate planes are flying all over the world. Its crazy.

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