Yuan Chengjie and Deng Sha in The Battle of Parenting Persuade Paranoid Parents

 Yuan Chengjie and Deng Sha in The Battle of Parenting Persuade Paranoid Parents

When it comes to the topic of introverted children, Yuan Chengjie reinvents the golden sentence: Whats wrong with introverted children? I am Yuan Chengjie because he is too outgoing to be popular now. Sure enough, it was the King of Golden Sentences in the whole audience. This remark caused a lot of laughter.

Dunsa advocates leaving the children behind to share Yuan Chengjies view on marriage

Yuan Chengjie had just become addicted to acting, but he didnt expect an old opera bone to follow. The children of the second group have played more than 30 plays so far. Although the mother thought that acting was not professional, she could not concentrate on cultivating her children into starsfathers. The whole family moved to Hengdian from Beijing for the sake of actors dreams. After the move, the couple had to give up their years of writing and graphic design work and work as security and cleaner in Hengdian. There is nothing wrong with the brave pursuit of dreams, but their sacrifice for their children has aroused opposition from many guests, who have made suggestions for the family. When Dunsa saw her slightly paranoid father, she said, Im not a professional performer, but Im still an actor. She tried to persuade him not to limit his childrens future, let alone give up her life because of unknown things.

In the video clip, the father mentioned that the mother of the child had always liked to eat fish, but later feared that the child would get stuck in the fish spine, so he seldom bought fish. Yuan Chengjie saw that the mother who gave up her job, gave up her favorite food and contributed silently to her family could not help but complain about her unhappiness and share her view of marriage: when the children grow up, they will have their own life, and the wife is the one who will accompany you for a lifetime. He gently reminded the father not to put the focus of life on the children, but to pay more attention to the hard-working wife. Experts then gave advice: Go back to Beijing and find your own career, not just for children.

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