Zhu Yilongs Dear Oneself turns on and incarnates the urban youth to start the dream-pursuing life

 Zhu Yilongs Dear Oneself turns on and incarnates the urban youth to start the dream-pursuing life

As soon as the play was officially announced, it aroused the favor of netizens and fans. The netizens praised Zhu Yilong as he is in good condition, full of vigor and super good skin condition, and expressed their expectations for the new play. Fans also included Chen Yiming, Zhu Yilongs new role, in Zyl48 (the general name of the role played by Zhu Yilong by fans), and even appeared the situation of a hundred schools of thought contending forsong, which was full of amusement. Zhu Yilongs new role has just won the expectation of Guanxuan, and his performance in previous works is also remarkable. Over the past year, he has made countless contributions to Know it or not by virtue of his little uncles corner, and his role in My True Friend has also impressed the audience. As a young power actor with both acting skills and popularity, I believe that Zhu Yilong will also perfect the combination of solid and excellent acting skills and calm and restrained temperament in this play, bringing wonderful performances to the audience.

Zhu Yilongs expectation of solid and forward dual-detail cooperation is full.

As we all know, Zhu Yilong was not in a hurry to enter the group after the killing of Tomb Piracy Notes Restart. Before the start of the new play, it went through a period of rest and recuperation before it was re-invested in the creation. In the interview, Zhu Yilong also expressed the hope of meeting good scripts and teams. This time, he cooperated with Ding Hei, Su Xiaoyuan and Zhao Yi to create the Iron Triangle production team of The Year of Flowers, Moons and Full Flowers, which also happened to confirm this point. I believe that with the support of the gold medal production team, Zhu Yilong can play a more skillful role in shaping.

Zhu Yilong has always been rigorous in his role interpretation and pursuit of details, which can be seen from a small detail in the behind-the-scenes story of his performance in the National Day gift film Me and My Motherland. When he saw that his little thumb was not standard when he saluted himself in the camera, he immediately took the initiative to ask the director for a remake. Looking at Ding Heis former co-starscomments on him, There is no one before Ding Heis director, it is not difficult to find that Ding Heis director is also a full detail control. It is believed that the cooperation between director Zhu Yilong and Ding Hei in controlling these two details can produce different sparks.

The play is expected to be broadcast in 2020. Please look forward to it.