Intervention investigation of a graduate student in Chengdu who was accused of dismembering, abusing and killing stray dogs

 Intervention investigation of a graduate student in Chengdu who was accused of dismembering, abusing and killing stray dogs

On October 10, Chengdu netizens posted on their microblog that a graduate student of Chengdu University of Technology had dismembered and murdered a stray dog on campus because of its impact on his life, causing netizens to condemn him and ask the school to deal with the student who abused him.

Upstream journalists learned from Chengdu University of Technology on the morning of October 10 that the school is currently investigating the suspected killing of stray dogs on campus. A meeting is being held to study and deal with this matter, and details of the handling of the incident will be released after the investigation.

On October 9, the Wechat Public Number Wang Wangjia published a headline entitled Strongly demanding dismissal! Graduate students of Chemistry Department have been abusing stray dogs for a long time and dismembering them for food. According to the article, Graduate student A of a college of Chengdu University of Technology publishes dog abuse videos in sticker bars for a long time, kills puppies in person, and makes them into videos for people to watch and communicate. There is also a picture of a stray dog and cooked dog meat. Baidu posted the account name of Chairman of Vodka and said, Does wild dog disturb people and make stew not fragrant? In reply to his netizens, he also said that the dog had just been killed in the afternoon, using a newly made plastic steel dog stick, which can smash the dogs head three times.

_Photo of suspected A killing a stray dog on the balcony of a graduate student dormitory. Photo Source: Wechat Public Number Wang Wang Wangjia

The article published by Wangwang Finding Home also shows that the place where A abuses stray dogs often chooses to be on the balcony of the graduate student dormitory. The whole body of a stray dog is stripped to the skin, cruelly dismembered and the trachea is taken out.

Upstream journalists noticed that the article also disclosed the specific identity information, school experience, reading situation of A, strongly request the school to be expelled! Let him get the punishment he deserves!

Since the evening of October 9, relevant posts have been widely disseminated in the social media. Netizens have unanimously condemned the cruel and cold-blooded behavior of A.

Chairman Vodka who was accused of using the sticker account A in Baidu sticker Chengdu University of Technology Bar once wrote an article explaining that the reason why he made the above behavior was that the wild dog near the dormitory barked at midnight until more than 3 a.m., which made people unable to sleep. So I took out the pictures I found in the stewed rabbit leg and several other stickers and complained to some bar. Chairman Vodka said in the posting, If you dont know the truth, dont spread it around, catch the wind and catch the shadow. Are you really just?

In another response, released at 6:32 a.m. on October 10, Chairman Vodka acknowledged that extreme methods have been used to clean up his sleep and was willing to take the responsibility for follow-up. He also pleaded with relevant netizens not to publish their personal information, and assured them that I will not hurt the wild dog of the school any more.

_It is suspected that A used micro-blog to explain the abuse of dogs on the Internet. Source: Microblog screenshots

Under the official micro blog of Chengdu University of technology, a large number of netizens left messages asking the university to deal with the matter.

A number of Chengdu University of Technology students told upstream journalists that there were stray dogs on campus before, I have never heard of stray dogs injuring people and disturbing people. The students all said that they did not understand why A made such extreme behavior.

On the morning of October 10, upstream journalists called the presidents Office of Chengdu University of Technology and the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee successively. The staff of the University said that the relevant departments of Chengdu University of Technology were investigating the online massacre of stray dogs. The school is holding a meeting, and no results have been obtained, and the results will be reported.

Upstream journalists have tried to contact A Mou, who is accused of killing stray dogs, by posting bars and microblogging, but no response has been received to the deadline.

Deputies to the National Peoples Congress suggested that the Ministry of Agriculture should enact a law against animal abuse: it is indeed necessary

On September 25, the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs published the Reply to Recommendation No. 5074 of the Second Session of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress (hereinafter referred to as the Reply), which responded to the suggestion of Xia Wuzhuoma, the deputy of the National Peoples Congress, On animal rights and interests, to enact theLaw against Cruelty to Animals. According to the Answer, cruel killing of animals, which is generally opposed by the public, is difficult to combat effectively because of the lack of relevant legislative provisions. It is indeed necessary to improve the legislation.