Midday Review: Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) refers to the rising trend of 1.7percent digital currency sector

 Midday Review: Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) refers to the rising trend of 1.7percent digital currency sector

Plate: Digital currency, shipping concepts, chicken raising and other sectors were the top gainers, while titanium dioxide, liquor, tobacco and other sectors were the top decliners.

News: 1. Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission Yi Huiman: Fully promote the reform and development of Shenzhens capital market and achieve phased results as soon as possible. 2. Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee: I hope that the SFC will speed up the improvement of the GEM listing, refinancing and merger and acquisition system. 3. Central Bank refutes rumors: No September M2 data was released yesterday. 4. The State Council issued the Promotion Plan for the Reform of the Income Division between the Central and Local Governments after the Implementation of Greater Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction. 5. Development and Reform Commission: In five years or so, more than 10,000 enterprises of Industry-Education integration have been built and cultivated throughout the country. 6. The National Health Commission officially issued the Catalogue of the First Batch of Encouraging generic drugs. 7. Three scientists shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and commended their contributions to lithium-ion batteries.

Shenguang Finance and Economics said that this morning, the Shanghai Index rose and fell, slightly increased, the index rose by more than 1.6%, the concept of digital currency rose sharply, led by two markets, Julong shares and other four shares, shipping concepts showed a stronger performance, ahead of the increase, investment ships rose and stopped, chicken and pork plates continued to rise sharply, the original stock of animal husbandry led the rise, the pre-added stock in the third quarter continued to maintain a strong, Baoding Science and Technology and other six shares. Titanium dioxide plate led the decline in two cities, liquor concept continued to fall, leading the decline, bank, insurance, securities and other weighted shares overall performance is weak, slightly down. At present, the general environment of the stock market is not good, it is difficult to have a big market, so we try to choose high-quality stock band operation as the main, must not blindly catch up with the high, the current stock market callback is also basically bottoming, can be appropriately increased warehouse.

Jufeng Gu believes that the rebound of A shares opened in August is adjusting in the form of two retreats and one retreat, and the adjustment has come to an end recently. After the National Day, A shares rebounded, and the performance of science and technology, finance and the three-quarter forecast of additional shares was impressive. On Thursday, A shares continued to rise, technology stocks rose sharply, the three-quarter forecast for the growth of the sector rose and stopped, and bank stocks adjusted slightly after two consecutive days of protective trading. Trading volume has not been able to return to pre-holiday levels, which will restrict the market to expand further upward rebound space. The three quarterly reports will be gradually disclosed, and it is suggested that attention be paid to the opportunities of sector rotation driven by performance stocks and favorable policies.

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