The mans parking space was occupied and he smashed the car and finally found out that it had been wrongly smashed.

 The mans parking space was occupied and he smashed the car and finally found out that it had been wrongly smashed.

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Its a good time to smash a car, but its confused after smashing it? Mens parking space was occupied and smashed, who knows it was wrong (Source: upstream news)

@ Time video news, recently, in a small area of Shenyang, a man waved a long stick and smashed a white private car. According to witnesses, the reason why the man smashed the car was that the white car stopped in the parking space he rented in the park for a long time. When the man came back from his work, he found that the white car was still parked in the parking space, and the man smashed the car in a fit of pique. Who knows this car is not the other car, so the man made a big Oolong.

Source: Time Video Responsible Editor: Wang Ning_NB12468