Trumps excuse for betraying the Kurds: He didnt help us in World War II

 Trumps excuse for betraying the Kurds: He didnt help us in World War II

Figure Source: Agence France Presse

Oct. 10 (Overseas Net) - U.S. President Trump criticized the Kurds Wednesday (9) for not helping the United States during World War II, but for fighting for Syrias land in the battle against ISIS.

When Turkey launched an air strike on Kurdish-occupied territory in northern Syria, Trump defended his decision and weakened his alliance with the Kurds, saying that they had not fought alongside the United States in the Second World War, such as the Battle of Normandy.

Smoke billowing after the Turkish air raid (video screenshot)

On Sunday evening, after talking to Turkish President Erdogan, Trump announced the withdrawal of U.S. special forces from northern Syria, saying it was to get rid of the absurd, endless war. This cleared the way for Ankara to launch military operations. Yesterday evening, Turkey launched a military offensive against Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria, code-named Fountain of Peace. According to the latest foreign media reports, the attack has caused at least 15 deaths and more than 40 injuries.

Trump responded to questions that night, arguing that they fought for their land in an ancient conflict. We have spent an astonishing amount of money to help the Kurds in terms of arms, weapons, money and remuneration, he added.

As a very, very powerful article says today, they did not help us during World War II, for example, during the Normandy landing war. Trump said. According to media analysis, Trumps article is a column published on the conservative website Townhall, which supports Trumps self-narrative withdrawal of U.S. troops from the northern border and allows Turkey to take military action.

Kurds in Syria

After Trump ordered his withdrawal, American veterans came out and criticized Trump for abandoning his allies who fought side by side. In The Atlantic, Joseph Votel, a former commander of the U.S. Central Command of the U.S. Armys Middle East operations, wrote, The Kurds are at the core of the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) and the key to the setback of the radical Islamic State over the past five years. He pointed out that the abandonment policy threatened to wipe out five years of progress against the Islamic State and that the credibility of the United States would disappear in the future when it needed strong allies on the battlefield. The Syrian Democratic Forces have recovered thousands of miles of land from the Islamic State, liberated tens of millions of people and sacrificed nearly 11,000 people. In contrast, the United States has lost only six soldiers and two civilians.

Members of Congress also criticized Trump, Its a betrayal of a strong American ally. Ruben Gallego, a Democratic congressman who participated in the Iraq war, said, Apart from Israel, the strongest and most consistent ally of the United States in the Middle East is the Kurds... And we just lost them. Betraying the Kurds once again serves as a stark reminder that the American Priority policy means that the United States is alone.

Some European analysts believe that Trumps announcement of withdrawal from Syria is mainly based on the domestic elections of the United States, fulfilling his promise to let U.S. soldiers go home for the holidays. In addition, Trump is currently caught up in the scandal investigation of call gate, and urgently needs to divert public opinion. To alleviate criticism, Trump said he had warned Turkey not to take too much action or it would destroy the Turkish economy.

Trump: If Turkey overdoes Syria, it will destroy their economy.

U.S. President Trump slammed NATO ally Turkey on Oct. 7 and threatened to destroy Turkeys economy if Turkey launched an excessive military attack on Northeastern Syria, Reuters reported. The day before, Trump decided to withdraw 50 U.S. soldiers from northeastern Syria. Trump said that if Turkey overdid Syria, he would completely destroy and wipe out Turkeys economy. He tweeted: As I strongly stated before, I just want to reiterate that if Turkey does anything I think is out of the ordinary, then I will completely destroy Turkeys economy. (Ive done it before.)