Dunkers will promote the new collection of paintings. Authors have been pointed out to praise the Hong Kong independence speech.

 Dunkers will promote the new collection of paintings. Authors have been pointed out to praise the Hong Kong independence speech.

The picture shows Hirohiko Inoue and the cover of a new collection of Dunkers

Oct. 10 - Oct. 8, Japanese cartoonist Hirohiko Inoue confirmed on the social network that a new collection of super popular cartoons Dunkers will be released in April 2020, which awakened many peoples childhood memories. However, Hirohiko Inoue once praised articles and remarks in support of Hong Kong independence on social networks, and netizens exclaimed disappointment after discovering them.

According to the Dongsen News Cloud report on October 9, famous cartoonists such as Dunking Master, Destiny Master and Ranger Travel have praised two comments and articles on social network Twitter on June 10 and June 13, respectively, concerning support for Hong Kong Independence. One is a Hong Kong-related article forwarded by Taro Shi, a Japanese Chinese scholar and visiting professor at the Japanese Colonial University. Taro Shi has publicly made anti-China remarks many times before.

Another is the Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono, who claims that as a friend of Hong Kong, I am very worried about the recent situation, especially the large number of injured people, which makes me very sad. It is understood that Shinzo Abes government just released the list of cabinet restructuring on September 11. Taro Kono, the former Foreign Minister of Japan, was transferred to the post of defense minister and was evaluated as a breakthrough by Japanese media.

The picture shows microblog topics and comments from netizens

Some netizens expressed their indignation and planned to boycott his cartoons. The topic of Weibo No matter how much I love cherry trees and flowering maple trees, Chinese people are my identity, said a fan of Dunking Master. Goodbye, dunker, goodbye forever. Some netizens expressed their disappointment and said, Just be at ease and draw cartoons. Why do you mix politics with them? As a public figure, there is really no need to express political views on social platforms.

Reasonable resistance will not have bad consequences, only go to extremes, such as hatred to deceive reason, calm to stay out of the situation is just like some peoples intentions. What I see and hear now is a very reasonable boycott. Whether you agree or disagree, you need to communicate rationally. Some netizens think.

It is understood that the new collection PLUS/SLAMDUNKILLUSTRATIONS2 of Dunkers is being produced and will be sold in April 2020. At present, the cover of the new album has been made public. The new album will contain more than 130 illustrations, including 11 new illustrations (including the cover) created by Inoue. In 1997, Hirohiko Inoue launched the original collection of paintings, which is also the first renovation of Dunkers after 23 years.

From 1990 to 1996, Super Popular Cartoon Slam Dunker was serialized in Weekly Junior JUMP. Together with Football Junior and Baseball Hero, it was called the three classics of Japanese sports cartoons. The single edition was published in 17 countries and regions. In the book, the roles of Liuchuan Maple and Cherry Blossom Path are the idols of a generation.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331