Women report abduction of their children by police: a paid delivery from their husbands

 Women report abduction of their children by police: a paid delivery from their husbands

The baby was given away. Police Map

Husbands give their children away and make up lies

Police said that at about 10 oclock on September 30, Jinmou, a woman, went to the filial piety police station to report to the police that her son, who had just been born two months ago, had been taken away by three young women in a park in the village of Ota because of his husband Yemous poor care.

According to Ye Mous description, at about 8:00 on the day of the incident, I was playing in the park with my son in my arms. On the way, I met three young women who claimed to be a native of Jinmou. One of them, a young woman, offered to hold a child and agreed without thinking much. Later, the child was temporarily entrusted to a young woman. She left the scene and went to the nearby supermarket for express delivery. About 20 minutes later, she came back to find that the three women and children were all lost.

In the process of investigation, the police found that there were many doubts about Yes statement, and there was no Yes statement when they inspected on-site monitoring and supermarket monitoring. The police then adjusted the direction of Yes review, and Ye finally told the truth. Originally Ye Mou sent the child and collected 49900 yuan of compensation fee from it. In order to avoid punishment and family blame, he fabricated a lie.

The police succeeded in rescuing the child

According to Ye, a month ago, he and his wife often quarreled over trivial matters, and two car crashes occurred, and they paid each other a lot of money. And because the child is noisy and upset, the idea of giving the child away comes into being.

On September 27, Ye posted an online message to find a family to adopt a child without his wife. Zhang Mou, a netizen in Chaoshan, Guangdong, said he needed it. After tweeting each other, Zhang said he really wanted the child and could pay Ye 50,000 yuan in compensation. Ye agreed. The next day, three people, Zhang Mou and others, rushed from Guangdong to Ota Village. At about 7 oclock on September 30, Ye gave the child to Zhang, and charged a compensation fee of 49900 yuan.

According to the information provided by Ye Mou, the police quickly identified the three suspects and found that each of them was staying in Yiwu, ready to return to Guangdong.

At 15:00 on September 30, the police took control of three people in Yiwu and rescued the abducted baby on the spot. According to Zhang Mou, he has two daughters, but no son, in his hometown will be looked down upon by others, his wife for special reasons has been unable to give birth, which sprouted the idea of fostering.

At present, Ye Mou has taken compulsory measures to obtain bail pending trial on suspicion of abandonment, and the case is still under further processing.