Media Comments on Teacher in charge of a class humiliates students and is reported after many years: self-indulgence

 Media Comments on Teacher in charge of a class humiliates students and is reported after many years: self-indulgence

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Sow evil causes and produce evil results, which often have to be self-feeding. This is confirmed by the news that eight years after graduation, students reported that the head teacher had been humiliated and the teacher who had been promoted to vice-president had been dismissed.

According to the Red Star News, although it has been eight years since the graduation of junior high school, it is still hard to get over the words of Lu Mou, a Mianyang native in Sichuan, who was shouted by Liu Mou, a head teacher when he was studying in junior high school - Old man (father) is dead and no one teaches him, poor grades (too poor), what kind of water to drink and urine! Before the beginning of school in September this year, he accused the class teacher Liu Mou of doing too much evil to vent his anger and was kicked out by Liu Mou. Angry, he was about to be abused by his teachers in that year, and reported it on Weibo.

After many investigations and verifications, the local education department has removed all the administrative posts such as the vice-principal of a middle school where Liu is located and transferred from the school. As for the content of studentsreports and the results of the schools treatment, Liu Mou said that there was nothing to say.

Eight years later, its hard to be grateful or resentful. The reason lies in the former humiliation of the instructors. After being humiliated, the wound is difficult to heal. After many years, the list is pulled. This reminds us of the incident of Luanchuan men beating teachers 20 years after graduation: although there is no extreme plot of using violence to control the violence of that year, and no spiral of violence pulled by educational violence, it is also regrettable that both sides suffer.

It is a little gratifying that the trend of this matter is in line with public expectations: after the studentsmicro-blog report, the local education department and the school concerned did not cover or protect the calf, but quickly set up an investigation team, and specially invited doctors to fly to Shenzhen to conduct psychological counseling for Lu Mou, and also removed Liu Mou, who has already served as deputy principal. This impartial treatment drew a relatively satisfactory end to the incident.

The dispute is over, but it is far from the time to draw a conclusion. For some teachers, it is more necessary to look at themselves in the mirror.

In this case, the causal chain is indeed stretched long enough by the time span: the antecedent is Liu Mou, a class teacher, who has repeatedly humiliated Lu Mou, a backward student. This can be substantiated by Liu Mous apologies to the class group, the memory of many students being revived, and the results of the official investigation and treatment; the consequence is the psychological shadow that brings about Lu Mous delay, Liu Mous most difficult. Eventually, she suffered a bad result - Come out and humiliate, sooner or later to pay back. Her return is at the cost of being dismissed and transferred from her school.

In this regard, there is also a mixture of students complained in the class group by Lu Mou, Liu Mou disbanded the group reorganization, apologized later said that Lu Mou ungrateful, Lu Mou angry and reported such auxiliary lines.

But it is not difficult to clarify the right and wrong: as a head teacher, Liu Mous humiliation is indeed doing evil, and the bitter fruit she swallowed is his own brewing. When a teacher acts as a model of conduct and teaches in deeds, she humiliates her students with bad words and teaches them bad lessons.

According to Lu Mou-mou, shortly after his fathers death in a car accident, Liu publicly humiliated him as the old man (father) is dead and no one teaches him; Liu also knocked over the water glass of his newly bought camera lens and scolded him for drinking urine... These are still to be confirmed by the conclusion of the official investigation. If they are true, they are indeed cruel enough. And Liu Mous apology and some students present scolding illustrations seem to have also provided circumstantial evidence for this.

In the report, many studentsinformation supplement made a centralized display of Lius verbal violence and bad influence: some girls said they had been scolded by her as who to seduce; some students said that I was deeply disappointed in the world, probably due to Liu... So many students have opened the salvage the shadow of childhood model, which shows the deep psychological harm that shame as a teacher may cause to students.

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Perhaps for many teachers of fancy abuse of Grade 10 scholars, they should also be taught a lesson. The theme is that bad words humiliate students, but also humiliate the dignity of teachers.

Between teachers and students, students should not only respect teachers, there is no obligation for teachers to love students. Respecting teachers and loving students correspond to each other, which is the proper meaning of the new teacher-student relationship. To put it plainly, the teacher is respected only if he loves his students and always respects them.

In spite of the fact that most of the teachers in Xingtan are so devoted to teaching that they can call it the end of spring silkworm to the end of silk, there are some teachers who are not worthy of the praise they deserve for being teachers. They use corporal punishment or humiliation of students in a way that humiliates the dignity of teachers. In this situation, it is also difficult to expect students to teacher abuse me thousands of times, I treat teachers as first love as teacher-kindness perception pathway.

Such a teacher will not only destroy people, but also open the button of deviation between teachers and students, burying the curse of the past and the continuation of blame and contradiction. In this incident, Liu Mous repayment of debts many years later shows this point.

In recent years, the discussion about restoring teachersright to punishment has sprung up, but whether the right to punishment should be restored or not, we can be sure that its discretion should be framed within the scope of legitimacy and reasonableness, but not to exert too much force place. Like Liu Mou, students are humiliated if they are not satisfied with their eyes, which should be rejected in any case.

In the final analysis, the relationship between teachers and students should not be dragged into the quagmire of gratitude and resentment by corporal punishment or humiliation, but should be attributed to equal respect under the logic of modern rights and obligations. With respect for reciprocity, some knots are not difficult to understand.

Eight years after graduation, students reported being abused by teachers and promoted to Deputy principals. Teachers were dismissed.

The old man (father) is dead and no one teaches him, poor grades, what water to drink, urine to drink! When I was in junior high school, my head teacher shouted these words, which made Lu Mou, a Sichuan Mianyang native who had graduated from junior high school for eight years, hard to forget, and often remembered that he could not fall asleep. Before starting school in September this year, he was kicked out of the class by the teacher concerned when he accused the head teacher of doing too much evil to vent his anger. Angry, he was about to be abused by his teachers in that year, and reported it on Weibo.

On October 9, the Red Star Journalist, after many investigations, confirmed that the local education department had abolished all the administrative positions of the teacher, such as the vice-principal of Fule Middle School, and transferred him to Fule Middle School. As for the content of the studentsreports and the results of the schools treatment, the teacher said that there was nothing to say.