Vimis first big model signing angels waist, buttocks and legs

 Vimis first big model signing angels waist, buttocks and legs

It was the first time that a 14-yard model appeared in the brand advertisement. Ali Tate Cutler said Wikipedias decision was correct and said that size 14 was actually the average size of American women. I think we need to see more women in the media with size 14.

Wimi wrote on the official INS account: Alldressedup, just form.

Video has been known for its sexuality, which has dominated the mainstream aesthetics in the past few decades. The models on the show are all buttocks, waists, legs and breasts. Sexy and hot are their synonyms. However, with the diversification of aesthetic trends, people no longer think that sexuality is the only standard of beauty.

Although Vimi launched large-scale models to shoot advertisements, AliTate Cutler is not an angel signed by Vimi. So far this year, only four models signed by Vimi are Barbara Palvin, Alexina Graham, Grace Elizabeth and Leomie Anderson.

Barbara Palvin was the first Hungarian Wimi angel. Born in Hungary, Barbara was unearthed on the streets of Budapest at the age of 13, first appeared in Vimi in 2012 and again in 2018.

The angel is really in the world! Kangkangs face!

Alexina Graham, nicknamed Red Fox, first appeared on the stage of Vimi at the age of 26, was reused after his first show for Vimi in 2017, and shot many important advertisements and catalogues.

Grace Elizabeth has become a contract angel this year. He Sui, a Chinese supermodel, has been called He Sui, America by Chinese fans. Look at the same frame. Can you tell the difference?

Grace Elizabeth became the spokesperson for Vimi Pink in 2016 and the first year of the Vimi Walk Show. For three consecutive years, the Pink series opened. In 2019, she filmed the main line of Vimi and swimsuit series. This year, she became a signing angel.

Leomie Anderson announced her debut at Fashion Week in 2011, filmed for Vimi PINK in 2014, went to the Vimi Show for the first time in 2015, and impressed the public with her close interaction with cousin Liu Wen in 2018.

Source: Netease Fashion Responsible Editor: Xie Yi_NQ4682