Dedicated! Exxon pays for breakfast and dinner at 7:30 a.m. every day.

 Dedicated! Exxon pays for breakfast and dinner at 7:30 a.m. every day.

After returning to Hengda from Hong Kong this summer, coach Cannavaro was worried about Exxons physical fitness, so he let Exxon practice his physical fitness, including diet control during the break, and Exxon brought this habit to the national team.

Why does Exxon eat at the pace of six meals a day in the near future? The reason is simple, that is, by eating less and eating more scientifically, the rhythm of your body tends to be at its best.

For Exxon, the control of the number of meals and the amount of food is also highly technical. For example, when it comes to protein or carbohydrate intake, he puts forward the requirement of accurate to gram. In addition, in the face of the temptation of all kinds of delicious Chinese and Western food, Exxon also has to make a good choice of specific meal varieties.

In order to make the football team eat better and safer during the training and competition, the Chinese Football Associations National Football Team has specially reserved an independent area for the whole team to eat in the Hilton Hotel. Exxon once stressed to the people around him that if you cant guarantee self-discipline in diet, you cant adapt to the needs of high-level training and competition in physical aspects.

It is worth mentioning that although Ixon is strictly different from his teammates in terms of food, he still participates in all team activities according to the overall requirements of the team out of respect for the interests of the team. It includes having lunch and dinner with teammates on time. In addition, for all the additional meals, Ixon contacted the hotel restaurant to implement, and the cost involved was also borne by himself.

Such Ixon, naturally, is expected to see how the game against Guam will perform. In his first show with Maldives, he scored twice and became the hero of the teams five-goal away game. This battle is facing Guam, another fishbowl, and the home battle. I believe that as the teams front-line leader, Exxon, there should be goals, but only a few problems. Exxon is very active, desirous and aggressive. I think hes in good form. Lippi said.