Barcelonas 13 Golden Talents: I want to play, not go for a walk on the beach.

 Barcelonas 13 Golden Talents: I want to play, not go for a walk on the beach.

My situation in Barcelona is very difficult and I want to change the situation as much as possible. If you want to play football, Barcelona is the best place. Barcelona is the best club in the world. But I want to compete, not take a walk in the city or go to the seaside. To be honest, I talked to the club about the future in the summer and its not a secret that the club has other options, Lakitic said. If we cant see the change, then we should sit down and talk about it.

Lakitic, who joined Barcelona for five years and won 13 championships with the team, hinted at leaving, but Labio wanted to go to Barcelona. According to the Daily Mail, Rabio is unhappy with his situation at Juventus and has spoken to Barcelona. After a free transfer to Juventus this summer, Rabio has played only three games so far, and he has only played a full game once.

Lakitic reached an agreement with Juventus this summer. But at that time, Juve only wanted to use Emre Jean as a barter, so Barcelona refused to exchange personnel. Before joining Juventus, Rabio had in-depth contacts with Barcelona. If the status quo does not change, maybe Rabio and Lakitic will swap owners in winter. Labio can provide Barcelona midfielders with the most lacking vertical impact, while Lakitic can provide Juventus midfielders with offensive and defensive balance.

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