Beijing Internet Rental: Banned Internet Platform Publishing House Sources for More than 3 Violations

 Beijing Internet Rental: Banned Internet Platform Publishing House Sources for More than 3 Violations

Information publishers should hold information cards for practitioners; they should not display information on unmaintained housing sources that have been released for more than 30 days.

In addition, the Circular specifies that real estate brokers, rental enterprises and employees who publish housing lease information should meet relevant requirements; requires Internet platforms to audit and manage housing lease information according to law, display credit information of publishing institutions, enterprises and contract demonstration texts; establishes a comprehensive governance mechanism of Internet lease information, and strengthens Department linkage supervision. Tube. The Notice will come into effect on November 1 this year.

Focus 1

Notice clearly states that enterprises that publish housing rental information through Internet trading platform should register, file and operate normally according to law; information publishers hold information cards for practitioners; and they should compile housing status statement and keep relevant information for reference. Housing leasing enterprises shall, within 3 days from the date of signing the contract for incoming or renting houses, enter the main information of the contract (including the location, area, number of intervals, price and both parties to the lease) into the Beijing Housing Leasing Supervision Platform.

At the same time, the Internet trading platform shall examine and register the real and effective identity of real estate brokers, housing rental enterprises and practitioners who apply to enter the platform to publish leasing information according to law, establish archives, regularly verify and update, and strictly keep the collected user information confidential. Internet trading platforms are not required to be included in the list of abnormal business operations or serious breaches of trust; those who fail to handle information cards or use other peoples information cards according to regulations; and those enterprises and practitioners who are restricted by the departments of housing construction and market supervision to publish Housing leasing information according to law.

In this regard, Liu Jianbo, director of the Research Center of Real Estate Law of Peking University and professor of Peking University Law School, believes that the regulation of real estate brokers, housing rental enterprises and practitioners who publish housing rental information requires practitioners to issue cards and strengthens the source norms.

Focus 2

Do not display unmaintained house information released for more than 30 days

Notice requires the Internet platform to fulfill the audit obligation to strengthen the audit and management of housing rental information, not to appear illegal, false, duplicate and zombie housing source information. Require that housing photographs conform to the reality; clearly marked prices such as rent and commission; the same housing source shall not be repeated by the same institution (including branches); the same housing source shall be combined and displayed by multiple different institutions; the unmaintained housing source information that has been released for more than 30 days shall not be displayed; and the housing source information prohibited by laws and regulations shall not be published.

At the same time, the Notice requires housing rental enterprises to timely enter the information of housing rental contracts into the Beijing Housing Rental Supervision Platform. In the pages of real estate brokers and housing rental enterprises displaying housing source information on the Internet trading platform, it is also necessary to synchronously display business license information, record information and information card logo of practitioners; complaint acceptance telephone of enterprises; record of complaints received in this platform; number of housing source information released on this platform; credit records provided by administrative departments and Beijing housing market. The model text of the house leasing contract and the model text of the house leasing brokerage service contract.

Focus 3

Violatory issuance and suspension of issuance authority for 1 to 3 months

The Notice also strengthened the punishment on housing rental enterprises, real estate brokers and their employees for publishing housing source information in violation of regulations. Where real estate brokers, housing rental enterprises and their employees are required to publish housing rental information in violation of regulations or by using other peoples information cards, the Internet telecommunications department and the housing construction (housing management) department shall require the Internet trading platform to offload relevant housing source information and suspend the enterprise and their employees from publishing housing source information through the Internet trading platform for one to three months. If the information of housing source is released more than three times in violation of the regulations, the information of housing rental source in Beijing shall not be released through the Internet trading platform.

In addition, the Notice also made it clear that an integrated management mechanism of Internet housing rental information would be established. In accordance with their respective responsibilities, the housing construction, market supervision, netmail, public security and communications management departments should strengthen supervision over the release of housing rental information on Internet platforms, strengthen linkage, coordinate and cooperate, and make comprehensive use of interview warnings, order corrections, administrative penalties, public announcement exposure and suspension of letters. Interest release and other ways to increase the publication of false, illegal and illegal sources of information on the Internet platform, enterprises and related personnel punishment.

The Municipal Housing Urban and Rural Construction Commission publishes the information of registered enterprises and practitioners who have handled information cards through the portal website, and provides information query and verification interface to the Internet platform which publishes housing rental information.

Wu Jiaoying, a reporter for the Beijing News

Editor Bai Shuang

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056