Yao Chen tells you that love will add to the cake, not just to give charcoal in the snow.

 Yao Chen tells you that love will add to the cake, not just to give charcoal in the snow.


And what kind of life did Su Mingyu in All Right lead before she met little stone? Not bad, right? He can also take care of his father Su Daqiang, who is in great trouble and is dying, and help his brother Su Mingzhe, who is dying and suffering. Even so, Su Mingyu had such a bad childhood; but she lived a more comfortable and comfortable life as an adult than many people. What if there is no love?

This reminds me of a sentence: love only adds to the cake, not to give charcoal in the snow. What do you mean? There are too many foolish men and women in this world (including me), will put love in the most important position. However, love first may not be able to exchange the same cherish and pay. So, should we begin to doubt the existence of love? Or do you doubt why your fate is such a jerks arrangement?

It seems that this is a mistake of outlook on life and love. And its a fundamental mistake. As Wu Yue said in Shanghai Womens Tujian, as long as you are good enough, everywhere you go is full of flowers and birds. That is to say, love will not be too far away from you unless you have enough excellence in your career and enough enjoyment in your life. You can live better before love knocks.


Of course, Xiaoshi is not a soft meal eater. In the original novel, he was also the prince of another company. Dont think that women are strong, men are weak. Equivalent love makes you envy. Even the feelings of insufficient complementarity are worth cherishing and maintaining. But not all hope can be placed on love, otherwise the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. This truth, I believe, has definitely passed the test of time.

Carbon in the snow is equivalent to necessities. To add to the icing on the cake is to be a more perfect self. (Wen/Piaoyutong) The difference between the two is obvious, isnt it?