The person who talks to you like this will pull out the dark as soon as possible.

 The person who talks to you like this will pull out the dark as soon as possible.

As he played with his cell phone, he said, What kind of baby have you become after giving birth? Like a ball, nothing looks good on you.

I glanced at my cousin to see her displeasure.

After the air was still for a few seconds, she went back to her brother-in-law and said, How big is your stomach? Why dont you lose weight?

My brother-in-law said nothing more.

On the way to the mall, my cousin kept bowing her head and silent. I guess she must be angry and sad.

The speaker has no intention, but the listener has intention.

No matter how close their relationship is, they dont want to be thrown cold water on each other.

My cousin had a big fight with him that day. She came to me in the evening and cried for a long time.

It doesnt take much to be disappointed in a person.

Often in these daily trivialities, your joy, he does not understand, what you say, he does not care.

The meaning of companion is that two people are together, support each other, encourage each other, become better together and go further.

However, if this person will only depress you, send you some negative messages, never praise and appreciate you, then this relationship is really bad.

The last one we choose must be happy because of your happiness, bitter because of your sadness, because your every move involves your own mood.

An uncomfortable relationship will only add trouble to oneself. Its better to say Forget it as soon as possible.

Forget where to see a passage:

There are many people who have misunderstood harshness and respect. In this age, not politeness means falsehood. You can choose to speak your mind without hiding it, but that doesnt mean you have to make the other person feel embarrassed and embarrassed. Truth is not direct, but to share ones thoughts with respect for the other.

There are many people who cant speak well in life. He thinks its frank and quick, but its actually a kind of harm to us.

When I was in college, a roommates family was not very well, dressed simply, lived frugally, spent every day in the library, did not participate in any recreational activities, and seldom bought new clothes for himself.

I still remember the look of expectation in her eyes when she unpacked the express.

But that look did not last long.

When she took the bag out of the box, roommate A looked up and said, How do you buy a fake product?

She felt her head embarrassingly, then put the bag back in the box and walked out of the dormitory.

It must have been a bad day for her.

Obviously it is a very happy thing, but in others, it has become difficult to mention.

Years later, when I got together with her, she volunteered to mention the incident: Where did I know what brand? I didnt know I bought a fake one at all. I was hungry for several meals in order to get a new bag. But little As sentence is really hurtful. I had a sharp knife in my heart.

Nowadays we have little contact with Little A, but people like her are everywhere.

When you buy a beautiful skirt, someone will jump out and say, You have dark skin. Its not appropriate to wear this dress.

You posted your love routine on Weibo. Someone asked you, Why havent you broken up yet?

Good words are warm in winter, bad words hurt in June.

It seems that there are always people pointing out our lives, saying things in a way that they try to deny our efforts, our aesthetics, and the choices we make.

Every time I want to refute, I will persuade myself to dont worry.

Plain happiness is also worth the joy.

Some people dont understand, just because they are used to acid.

Life is your own, you dont need anybody to tell you what to do.

People who dont matter should learn to screen them out.

Everyone has a different understanding of happiness. Some people just feel satisfied with some trivial daily life.

Eating the cake you want, buying the shoes you like, changing the computer you want to change, and getting into the school you like, these little things that others think are not worth mentioning may be the source of happiness in our hearts.

So remember never to comment on other peoples affairs. You dont know what theyve experienced. Keeping silent is the best respect.

And we do not have to live in the voice of others, to control the emotional switch in their own hands, happy laugh, sad cry, do not care about those cold words.

What you should do is walk forward with your head held high.

May you have the courage to leave those who pour cold water on you, to end the relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable, and to remain strong, east, west, north and south.