Never talk to someone you like late at night.

 Never talk to someone you like late at night.

How happy you are when you decide, how embarrassed you will be when you wake up the next day.

In addition to these, those wrong decisions must also include the item of chatting with people you like.

Last month, she went on a business trip with Tang Mei. When she returned to the hotel in the evening, she rarely spoke to me with her mobile phone.

I asked her curiously what she was doing. She said she had not stopped talking to her favorite boy just now.

She said that talking to a favorite boy late at night really risked insomnia for a whole night.

Because I would study every word he said as reading comprehension, chatting and chatting, and he would not reply. I would silently say good night and comfort myself that he must be asleep.

Looking at Tang Meis grievance, I couldnt help feeling a pain.

People always become emotional and fragile at night, and they inexplicably magnify a lot of emotions.

Maybe what he said was just an ordinary remark, but there were ripples in your heart.

Its really dangerous to chat with someone you like late at night. You may say many strange things without hesitation, and then open your eyes to see the green dialog box, which makes your cheeks burn.

In fact, all the late-night decisions are a resounding slap in the face, so that you can reflect on yourself in the morning, and last night Mingming can be less affectative.

There is a saying that the mood in the middle of the night is like a short tide.

When I wake up, the tide fades. In fact, everything is just like this. There are neither feelings that I cant let go of nor people that I cant forget.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, you must have forgotten this truth.

For a person who loves but doesnt get it, late night is like a magic to give himself courage. It allows you to indulge yourself in sending a word of concern to the person who has gone further and further when you miss the crazy growth.

In fact, you know clearly that he does not love, but you refuse to admit that you have no intersection.

Colleagues broke up a while ago, and she and her predecessor got together and separated. It is reasonable to say that such a relationship is no longer necessary to contact.

But her colleagues couldnt let go. She often got drunk late at night and then sent messages to her predecessor while she was drinking.

The content is nothing more than a reminiscence of old-fashioned plots.

At the beginning, the predecessor will cooperate with a few words of comfort, telling her that although each other really can not go back, but what needs help in the future, he will be duty-bound.

Colleagues are crying and trying to find out if there is any possibility between them.

Finally, I fell asleep in tears with my cell phone in my arms. Then I woke up the next day and saw the chat record. My scalp was numb. I apologized to the other side in panic.

Such a bridge was staged several times, and her predecessor was finally tired. When the news of her colleagues could not be sent out, she was completely awake.

In fact, she did not let go, but at the moment of night, she amplified the emotions of the breakup, but also exaggerated her own sadness.

Those moments that could have survived were brought into full play by her.

Dont talk to that person in the middle of the night, especially on the day when the wine is mixed.

Because he is not so unforgettable, you are not reluctant, you just did not think about how to spend the long night.

As Chen Yixun sings in Ten Years:

Not until I have been friends with you for many years do I know that your tears flow not only for me, but also for others.

You think that your persistence in him is just a late night, and your chatter in the middle of the night is just a window to express your emotions.

Dont raise your love blindly, it is far less warm than you imagine.

It takes hundreds of days and nights to build up a relationship, but in fact, the mood surge before going to bed is just normal.

Just as in college, roommates who had a bad heart would talk for a long time every evening as if there were no barriers.

But in fact, its really just the night.

But when the darkness dissipates, it will be found that the regret of the previous night is nothing but hormones.

Compared with all sincerity, it really is not worth mentioning.

In the past evening, I always liked to chat with people, and all kinds of social activities became more and more lonely. In recent months, I forced myself to turn off my cell phone at 10 oclock and read a book for a while. I felt that the whole world was quiet and transparent.

Indeed, if you chat with someone you dont love late at night, you will depend on it for a long time, and it has no other effect than to let yourself get bogged down in the mire.

Between you, nothing happens except chatting.

What you have to do is to spend the night on your own. You can watch movies, listen to songs, and talk with your 35-year-old friends. Dont put your mind on people you cant get.

There are more and more people we meet, and one by one we miss.

Nobody is so unforgettable, nor are you so affectionate.

Yishu wrote in Night without Moon:

Dont make any decisions in the evening. The willpower of the evening is too weak. Yin and Yang are only one line apart.

Some roads can only be traveled by one person, but they stumble for a long time, and you will understand:

The distance is the scenery, the nearest is life.

Sooner or later, you will meet someone who doesnt pander or restrain and will speak out loud about the person who loves you in the daytime.