Hes so scum, please dont be blind any more.

 Hes so scum, please dont be blind any more.

Later, the boy could not resist, and on the way home, he made a fancy confession to the girl.

The girl was delighted, but did not promise, because the boy had not broken up with his girlfriend.

Then the boy launched a high-profile and romantic pursuit of the girl.

Giving flowers and gifts, sweet words in a basket, the girl did not resist this pursuit, fell.

Boys always say that they will solve another relationship, but they are procrastinating.

The coexistence of the two girls lasted for half a year, and it was not clear whether to praise the boys skill or blame the two girls for their foolishness.

Finally, the boys real girlfriend discovered the existence of the girl.

She thought she would be proud to leave, but humbly implored the boy, as long as he would come back, he would not mind his change of heart.

The boy didnt agree and dumped his girlfriend.

Although the girl felt guilty, she couldnt resist the mess when she saw the boy standing firmly by her side.

I thought the plot was going to be Romantic, but three months later, they broke up.

He could have been secretly in love with you, and naturally he could have fallen in love with others generously and dumped you.

This girl is my sister-in-law. When she told me the story, I said angrily:

Why are you so silly? You think its his exception, but you dont know youre just a dish on his table!

Girls nowadays are so silly that they think they will save the earth and change the scum man.

But in the eyes of the slag man, they are just the fun and deceptive group.

Wave when you need it, and disappear when youre bored.

Seeing her angry, she coaxed, seemingly saying good night to you, in fact, opening countless dialog boxes at the same time.

Girls, wake up, he can slag, but you really cant be blind any more.

It is reasonable to say that such an unknown artist can not frequently enter the publics vision, but he firmly occupies a hot spot.

I watched his love with another girl before I realized that the reason why he went to the hot search was because he really dregs the clear.

As a resident guest, Chen Yichen participated in the variety show Heart Signal, which is a group of vegetarians CP dating program.

At the end of the show, he and the female guest Zhang Tian successfully joined hands and extended their feelings to real life.

This emotional line makes both their CP fans very excited, always feeling that they are expected to return together.

Unexpectedly, Chen Yichens team began to make frequent demons at this time. First, they started trumpet rumors about Tian and his company, and then they forced the demolition of CP powder in a number of groups.

Zhang Tian is wronged on one side, but on the other side she keeps maintaining her cherished feelings.

And what about Chen Yichen? Always maintain a non-denial, non-refusal attitude, as if all the smoke is not related to him.

He hid in the corner and watched Zhang Tian and all the others as enemies.

He no longer shows affection or admits it. He curls up and protects himself as much as possible.

I thought this relationship would be a good gathering and a good breakup, but I didnt expect that a recording of Chen Yichen and Zhang Tians chat was deliberately exposed on the Internet.

Chen Yichen repeatedly asked Zhang Tian about her predecessor, and deliberately exposed her experience of going to bed with her predecessor.

The scale of the chat is so large that its amazing, but Zhang Tian, who was questioned, obviously didnt think much about it. He was all honest.

Obviously, Zhang Tian was put forward by the people who had a heart. When she pledged to protect her love, she had already become a chess piece to protect Chen Yichen and melanize herself.

Finally, Chen Yichen spoke, but he did not mention his feelings with Zhang Tian in the whole article. His words were indifferent and his choices were clean.

Things have developed to this point, Zhang Tian lost, in this relationship she lost thoroughly.

Those who fight with their heart will lose in the end.

All girls who blindly seek love are fools.

Ive seen too many girls who know each others scum and still want to go blind to the end.

Morning greedy black earned money, they are reluctant to spend, give more than half of the boyfriend, also said that men can not be without money, or have no strength;

Knowing that your boyfriend has other gossip partners behind your back, he pretends to be generous and says he can forgive.

Come to aunts stomach ache to faint, boyfriend took advantage of the game truce to pour you a glass of water, you deceive yourself that he really cares about you;

Your boyfriend keeps in touch with her predecessor and sends her home on rainy days. You shiver with anger, but you forgive him if he says a few words.

I have to say that you should not be favored.

Because you fueled his arrogance, you let him know that no matter how playful he is, as long as he turns around, you will laugh and forgive him.

Children who can cry have sugar to eat. Girls who are too sensible will naturally not be cherished.

Hes so scum, please dont be blind any more.

You should also think a little more about yourself. Dont put in any more warm-blooded investment, and dont be foolish enough to care about the return.

Its not terrible to meet a scum man. What we fear is the baseless tolerance and indulgence of him to your scum.

You can rest assured that you wont be the last of those slag guys. Youll just be their capital to show off how skilled you are in chasing girls.

You have only one person in your life. Theres really no need to give generously to someone who doesnt love you.

When you know the true face of the man, please stop losing in time and dont waste your good time on unworthy people.

Save your money for yourself and love for those who really deserve it.

And with the people, all the time is no longer necessary, but you can not control the 10,000 heartbeats, and he wants to marry you the next second.