If you love someone, thats enough.

 If you love someone, thats enough.

The best moment in a relationship is to turn you and me, two separate individuals, into a complete us.

As we grow older, the more we hear such words, the more touched we feel.

Because I have seen too many points, so I really understand how difficult it is to have a feeling of being together until old.

I have heard a particularly lovely saying:

You can see mountains, you can see the sea, you can see everything in the world, I am different, my vision is relatively short, I can only see you.

So, those who are being seriously loved, do you understand?

The world is even wider, but where you are, there is no room for anything else in his eyes.

Mei Ling once sent a microblog, she said, the five most beautiful words in the world are: Ill find you, Ill buy it for you, we go home, I love you, we get married.

When a person is willing to work hard for you, then you must be very important to him.

When I was in college, one of my disciples was a straight steel man. Many girls didnt want to get along with him, so he didnt have any friends of the opposite sex, but he didnt mind at all.

I said, if you go on like this, be careful to be single all your life.

He laughed and said that being single is good.

But then I saw him again, and he looked very different from before.

Not only do you peel shrimps carefully for your girlfriend, but you also have to hold your girlfriends hand to walk well.

I was surprised to ask him when he got the hang of it, but he said:

How to get along with girls I know, I also know how to please them, but I didnt want to do it at that time, maybe because I didnt like it, so I was too lazy to pay.

When I met my present girlfriend, it seemed as if I had been hit suddenly for fear that I would not do enough for her.

Later, I chatted with his girlfriend. The girl shyly said:

Hes really good to me. Hes just raising me as a child.

When we dated, he would say, Dont move, Ill find you. I was very sad once, and he didnt comfort me. He just told me that I would pick you up later and we would go home together.

It seems that from that moment on, I knew that I recognized him, and he gave me the sense of security I wanted. Needless to say, with him around, it would be enough.

You see, good love is actually very simple.

It also does not need how cumbersome procedures, as long as the two hearts are closely together, each other into their own lives, it is enough.

I admire the feelings of my grandparents. I have been in touch with each other for fifty years. I often bicker, but the love between them always spills unconsciously.

Grandpa likes traveling, so he takes Grandma to run around the country whenever he has time.

Sometimes my parents suggested that we should follow suit and say that people are busy, but every time they were rejected by my grandfather.

I dont like to go out with you. Its enough for me to have your mother with me.

My father laughed and pouted his lips, joking Grandpa that at such an old age, he was still so tired and crooked.

My grandpa laughed and did not refute. He turned back to look for Grandma. As he walked, he shouted, What would you like for lunch today, old lady? Let me show you!

Its easy to call a wife, but its too difficult to call an old woman.

Life is changeable and peoples hearts are often unpredictable, but its really a blessing of the past generation to have someone who is willing to accompany you from three meals to four seasons.

Of course, Grandpa and Grandma will also have a cold war, but Grandpa always has a solution.

He hides soy sauce and vinegar, tightens the bottle, and then sits on the sofa watching TV.

He was secretly counting the time in his mind. When he was cooking lunch, he could surely hear Grandma shouting:

You old man, come and unscrew the oil bottle for me. And where are you hiding vinegar? Can you change next time?

I saw Grandpa swaggering into the kitchen and proudly saying that this is what you talked to me first.

Grandma stared at him, shook her head and said yes, Im too lazy to be familiar with you.

From time to time, there was another funny voice from the kitchen.

From the moment Grandpa married Grandma home, Grandpa put Grandma in his hand and felt pain.

Grandpas eyes can bend into a bridge when he sees Grandma.

For Grandpa, Grandma is his sugar, not snoring, not greasy, enough to resist the suffering of the years.

Life gives everyone the best gift, not to let you wear armor to resist the tenacity of life.

But will arrange a person for you, in your despair, gently touch your head, tell you, dont be afraid, I am there.

You will always meet someone who will make you forgive all the difficulties in life and make all your frustrations a false alarm.

Hes the surprise youre looking forward to, the person youre desperately collecting for warmth and generosity.

This life is very good and very long. If you havent met him yet, please wait, will you?