Flower Age: Extramarital love? One more ticket, and he wont take you with him.

 Flower Age: Extramarital love? One more ticket, and he wont take you with him.


Wheres Sullivan? Its said that I went back to my old familiar apartment. And bought it as a souvenir. Zhou Muyun knocked at the door of his neighbors house, but he didnt know that Su Lizhen was in the next room. This is the so-called Yin Error Yang Error, can only say: they really have no fate. If there is affection outside marriage, this is the nearest distance. But Im sorry, its just around the corner. Would you be so sorry to miss it?

In film and television works, people like to beautify their feelings outside marriage. Play is like life, but life is not as good as play. In real life, the third party who intervenes in other peoples families can be the object of everyones shouting. Or, its a kind of deep love. Unfortunately, we cant live in the world. What we are facing is more than what thousands of people refer to? Even if you have this heart, you dont have the ability to compete with the tremendous sound waves. Zhou Muyun, he knows better.

Before deciding to leave, Zhou Muyun wavered a little. In the bottom of his heart, he asked Su Lizhen, If you had another ticket, would you follow me? This reminds me of Sanmaos script, which is based on Eileen Changs and Hu Lanchengs Rolling Red Dust. Shen Shaohua gave his ticket to Zhang Nengcai. Wen/Piaoyutong) It is not only an ordinary ticket, but also an opportunity for rebirth.

Zhou Muyun did not ask Su Lizhen if you would follow me. Not necessarily. There is no second ticket. As long as he opens his mouth, the answer given by Su Lizhen is so clear. It can be said that Zhou Muyun is an exquisite egoist. He chose to abandon his wife and leave the country as a sign. Moreover, Su Lizhens husband and Zhou Muyuns wife have a personal relationship, and Zhou Muyun does not want to have other disputes.


Dont forget: the feelings outside marriage are more unsatisfactory in marriage. This satisfaction lies either in the fact that the spouse is not good enough for himself or in the fact that the spouse has betrayed himself. In that case, why should we be so depressed in the besieged city? The outside world is wonderful. Dont miss the fragrance of birds and flowers. Is that true or false? I know. What if its true love? Like Su Lizhenu2014u2014

Men turn around and leave before they are emotional. They understand the rules of the game, and whoever takes it seriously loses in a mess. Even if I dream back at midnight, I will miss at most the tenderness and sweetness of time. Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen, one did not ask and one did not answer. Do you think its a pity to be everywhere? No, No. With one more ticket, the man will not take her away.

So, although extramarital feelings are fascinating. But the result may not be as you wish.