Special Battlefield Game Deeply Detailed Operation Wilderness Masquerade Ball Opens Time Limited

 Special Battlefield Game Deeply Detailed Operation Wilderness Masquerade Ball Opens Time Limited

RPG rocket launcher, with a range of hundreds of meters, makes it a medium-range combat artifact, which can experience the pleasure of defeating an opponent in a round with a good azimuth.

Grab hook rope gun, roll vertically and horizontally, all terrain fast mobile. Make fighter planes instantaneous and changeable, let people blood boiling.

Huang-20 helicopter, landing from the sky, won the championship in the air. In the air, Hurricane Base Left, Holiday Villa Right, sits in the whole new area of the main city. New perspectives bring different game experiences to the wilderness elites.

A clever victory in new tactics

A variety of new props added to the special battlefield also greatly enrich the tactical strategy and operability of the game. The wilderness elites can increase their chances of victory in special battlefields by focusing on terrain and jumping guns.

Under the influence of grab hook and rope gun, the terrain advantage is no longer confined to the specific anti-slope highland, so skillfully utilizing the height difference advantage of roof and balcony becomes the key to win. It may become the direction of the wilderness elites to improve their ability to grab favorable terrain by practicing their own grasping skills.

The UZI shield has soared in popularity among the wilderness elites with its excellent defensive power, which requires special attention in the war. If the narrow road meets, you can jump and shoot your opponent.

The costume ball is worth a lot of courtesy.

After the eleventh long vacation, from October 9 to October 15, the wilderness action welfare activities came on line strongly. Cosmetic Ball - Daily Task during the activity, you can get the key props matches when you finish the daily task. Come and pick up matches with your little friends to get extra rewards.

In the Make-up Ball - Mysterious Invitation Letter activities, more generous rewards waiting for you to unlock! The wilderness elite consumes seven matches to light a pumpkin lamp. What are you waiting for? Get your friends together to do the task and get the trench gift!

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